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Auto Registration and Vehicle Information

Auto Registration and Vehicle Information

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Building 500
Phone: 860-694-4030

All vehicle operators entering SUBASE are required to have a temporary base pass,DD Form 2 retired card, DD Form 1173 or a valid DOD CAC (Common Access Card). Base passes are issued at Building 500, just outside the main gate, during normal working hours and by the gate guard after normal working hours.

The Pass Office hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Parking is very limited on SUBASE. Therefore, it is required all personnel register their vehicles upon arrival. Motor vehicle operators accessing Submarine Base New London can register their vehicles with the Pass and ID office at Building 500, next to Gate 1 outside the perimeter of the fence line.

To register your vehicle on base, you must provide the following documentation:

Proof of Ownership — Your vehicle must be registered in your name or your spouse’s name, or you must have notarized written permission from the owner to operate and register the vehicle (bill of sale is unacceptable).

Insurance — Motor vehicle operators must ensure that liability coverage fulfills Connecticut’s financial responsibility laws. Check with your insurance company to be sure. You’ll also need your current proof of insurance card, which should be maintained in your vehicle at all times in Connecticut.

ID Card — Motor vehicle operators must have a valid military identification with DOD card accompanied with driver’s license ID card.

Inspection — All vehicles must have current vehicle inspections when accessing SUBASE New London.

Motorcycles — There are a number of special requirements that must be accomplished before riding a motorcycle on SUBASE, including completion of the DOD Motorcycle Safety Course. Check with the SUBASE Safety Division at 860-694-3739 before bringing a motorcycle on the base.

Vehicle Regulations — The speed limit on most base roads is 20 mph unless otherwise posted. Speed limits in parking lots are 5 mph. As a base driver, you are required to stop for pedestrians. As a base pedestrian, you are required to use crosswalks.

Both Navy regulation and Connecticut law requires that everyone wear a seat belt while in a moving vehicle. Children under age 6 or less than 60 pounds need to be in approved child restraints. Cellphone use is prohibited while operating a motor vehicle on SUBASE New London.

Parking — Because there is a critical shortage of parking on base, parking regulations are strictly enforced. All newcomers should read the parking rules and regulation instruction — SUBASENLON INST 5560.11B (series) — for the most up-to-date requirements.

If it becomes necessary to tow your vehicle, it will be done at your expense and risk. Damages or charges incurred in the towing will rest solely with the owner.

Traffic court is 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesday every other week in Building 462. If you receive a ticket with a court date, you must attend. If you fail to show up for traffic court it will be assumed that you are guilty for the infraction you were cited for and points will be deducted accordingly; you receive an automatic 60-day suspension of driving privileges on SUBASE in addition to whatever penalties you may receive.

Installation Access Procedures — Installation access is granted to those individuals possessing CACs, IDs or badges such as:

  • Active-duty military.
  • Reserve or retired military.
  • Military dependents.
  • DOD civilians.
  • General Dynamics/Electric Boat employees who work on base with Rapid Gate credentials.

Visitor Access — Visitors must have a military or DOD civilian sponsor who is affiliated with the SUBASE. Contractors and contract employees are not afforded sponsor privileges and must carry a Rapid Gate credential to access base. To sponsor an individual on base you must be active-duty military or a government employee with CAC credential. Sponsors are required to physically escort visitors at all times. Visitor requests are sent to Building 500, Pass and ID Office, and require the following information: date of visit; reason for visit; full name of visitor; and visitor’s place of birth, date of birth, full Social Security number and duration of visit. Requests must be submitted five working days prior to the actual visit. All requests will be reviewed and must be approved in order to gain access onto the installation. A request form can be provided to fill out prior to arrival and can be obtained at Building 500 or 462. Any access requests transmitted electronically must be sent encrypted or hand carried to Building 500.

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