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Drugs — It should go without saying that the introduction, possession, use, sale or other transfer of marijuana, narcotic substances or other controlled substances aboard SUBASE is strictly prohibited.

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons — Any kind of firearms, explosive devices, metallic or chain knuckles, blackjacks, billy clubs, folding knives with blades more than 3.5 inches in length, all quick-opening knives of switch or spring type regardless of blade length, or any handmade devices that might be used for assault are considered to be dangerous weapons.

You may not conceal or carry upon your person any dangerous weapon, instrument or device, or any highly explosive article or compound aboard any Navy station, ship, craft or aircraft, or any other place under the jurisdiction of the Navy.

Personal weapons can be stored with the Security Department Armory in Building 462 on a space-available basis. Storage of firearms and weapons is prohibited in on-base quarters and barracks. For additional information on firearms and weapons, contact the Security Department at 860-694-4012.

Fireworks — Each year, thousands of people throughout the United States are injured by the improper use of fireworks. The Submarine Base Fire Department reminds you that all types of fireworks are illegal on SUBASE. This includes sparklers, M-80s, cherry bombs, pop rockets, party snappers and others that may be legal in the state you’re coming from. For everyone interested in fireworks, the base sponsors one of the most extravagant displays in southeastern Connecticut during SubFest.

Emergencies — You’ll soon find out that SUBASE has one of the best security departments in the state. This department is often thought of as two separate departments: the SUBASE Fire Department and SUBASE Security (Police) Department.

These two departments have a very close working relationship with local police and fire departments. By mutual agreement, theSUBASE Fire Department provides assistance to nearby towns. Besides responding to on-base emergencies, it also answers emergency calls in the Public Private Venture housing, including the Navy Lodge.

The SUBASE Security Department is ready to assist you with any trouble you may have on base. The Groton Police Department is responsible for law enforcement off base and in the Public Private Venture housing, while the SUBASE Police Department is available to help you and provide assistance to the Groton Police Department.

If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind, feel free to ask any SUBASE Police Department patrolman. For off-base police, fire or medical emergencies, call 911. For on-base police, fire or medical emergencies, dial 911 or call 860-694-3333.

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