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The Naval Submarine Support Center’s (NSSC) mission is to centralize administrative and support functions, economize resources and provide a common pool of experts who provide complete functional support to the commanders of Submarine Squadron 4 and Commander Submarine Squadron 12.

NSSC provides support in the areas of administration, medical, legal, chaplain, supply, combat systems, engineering, communications and operations to improve readiness and performs other functions as directed by higher authority. NSSC is in Building 87 on lower base.


Regional Support Group (RSG) Groton is Command U.S. Submarine Force Atlantic’s direct waterfront representative. RSG directs, assigns and monitors the accomplishment of maintenance on all assigned submarines. This involves long-range planning, coordination of repair activities and monitoring the execution of work in progress.


Naval Submarine Support Facility (NSSF) New London was established in February 1974. Organized and staffed along the lines of an afloat submarine tender Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA), the command employs more than 400 military members,42 DOD civilians and 297 contractors.

The primary mission of NSSF is to provide direct maintenance support to submarines assigned to Submarine Squadron 4 and Submarine Squadron 12. Visiting ships are often supported.

NSSF is divided into eight departments: Repair, Weapons, Administration, Safety, Facilities Support Group, Supply, Comptroller and Information Resource Management. The Repair Department is the largest, accounting for more than 500 positions that encompass approximately 35 repair shops. The capabilities of the Repair Department cover the full spectrum of maintenance operations required by modern submarines.

The Weapons Department stores, tests and issues all tactical weapons, pyrotechnics and ordnance loaded aboard New London area submarines. The weapons handled include the Mark 48 ADCAP torpedo, the Tomahawk cruise missile, external countermeasures and ammunition. The highly sophisticated Mark 48 ADCAP torpedo is the primary tactical weapon for the submarine force. The Weapons Department also maintains and operates an armory for small-arms storage and provides training for all local area commands through use of its small-arms range.

The other six departments combine to provide the necessary support required by the command and the Groton waterfront. There are more than 100 people — military and civilian — employed in these departments.


The mission of the Navy Operational Support Center, New London, is to provide mission-capable units and individuals to the Navy-Marine Corps team throughout the full range of operations from peace to war. The center directs 15 units comprising more than 350 Reserve component personnel who support SUBASE New London tenant commands. From the Naval Security Force and the Submarine Learning Center, to COMSUBDEVRON 12 and Inshore Boat Unit 22, the Reserve component Sailors of this NOSC are highly trained, motivated and fully involved in the Navy mission — support to the fleet-ready and fully integrated!

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