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Defining Team Redstone

Defining Team Redstone

Team Redstone is a boundaryless organization that’s as vibrant and diverse as the missions, agencies, communities and partners that constitute its foundation.

When newcomers to the area first hear the term “Team Redstone,” they immediately think of Redstone Arsenal and its 38,000 acre campus securely housing many of the nation’s most critical missions. They think of the aircraft they see taking off from our airfield and of the explosive training and testing operations they may hear from the south end of the installation. Many have heard stories about the rocket motor testing conducted by NASA and of Dr. Wernher von Braun’s team of German rocket scientists who put a man on the moon. While most have never seen the towering test stands, they still exist today.

In fact, Team Redstone is much larger than the installation boundaries and more comprehensive than the activities and agencies operating on Redstone Arsenal. Team Redstone spans across state borders and includes every community in between. It is comprised of people, organizations, buildings, land, and a philosophy that Redstone Arsenal and all of the surrounding communities are irrevocably intertwined. It recognizes that the mission successes occurring every day on Redstone Arsenal would not be possible without the support and dedication of the local communities, industry and corporate partners, education systems, elected officials, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs, civic organizations, and a workforce that comes from fifteen different area counties.



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