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Welcome Robins Air Force Base

Welcome Robins Air Force Base

Welcome to Robins Air Force Base and Middle Georgia, where every day is Armed Forces Appreciation Day. Located adjacent to the city of Warner Robins, Ga., population of approximately 63,000, Robins offers the chance for a challenging and rewarding tour or career. The base is located in the geographic center of the largest state east of the Mississippi River, where recreational opportunities abound. Atlanta, the state capital, is approximately 100 miles to the north on Interstate 75. Florida is within four hours driving time south on the interstate. Macon, Georgia’s fourth largest city is 15 miles north. Interstate 16 intersects with I-75 in Macon and leads to Savannah, the Atlantic Ocean and the Golden Isles.

When you think of Robins Air Force Base, no single mission comes to mind. A wide variety of organizations make up this huge airfield and industrial complex. The largest is the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, one of three major air logistics centers in the Air Force Materiel Command, headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The center is the largest single site industrial complex in Georgia and employs more than 21,000 workers—including civilians, active duty and reserve military members, non-appropriated fund employees and contractors. The estimated total economic impact of Robins on the state of Georgia is almost $4 billion. The base covers more than 6,935 acres, including Georgia’s largest runway. The runway is 12,000 feet long by 300 feet wide with two 1,000 foot overruns.

Robins is also home to the Museum of Aviation. The museum, located adjacent to the base since November 1984, has developed into a major tourist attraction. More than 7 million people have visited the museum since it opened. Each year hundreds of thousands of people tour the facility to view the aircraft and missile exhibits, static displays and films on aviation history shown daily in the Robert L. Scott Theater.

Your sponsor plays an important role in the adjustment to your new assignment. He or she can help you with everything from in-processing to finding adequate housing. At the very least, your sponsor should send advance information on how to get here, where to report, your new unit and your job.

Sponsors are valuable sources of information in helping solve any problem you may encounter. If you don’t hear from your sponsor within four weeks of your reporting date, write to the commander of your new unit or contact the Military Personnel Flight’s customer service office at DSN 497-7361 or commercial (478) 327-7361.

How To Get Here
If you are flying into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, ground transportation to the base is available via Groome Transportation, (478) 471-1616. The trip takes approximately two hours. The carrier is located at the Ground Transportation location. As you exit the baggage claim area follow the signs to ground transportation. The shuttle vans are usually parked in the second and third rows.

Middle Georgia Regional Airport is located approximately seven miles north of Robins AFB, just off Georgia Highway 247. The airport offers daily flights to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Transportation by commercial taxi is available, or you may contact the base transportation office at (478) 926-3493. To reach the airport, call (478) 788-3760.

Newcomers who arrive in their vehicles will more than likely be traveling on Interstate 75. Take exit 146 to the Georgia Highway 247 Connector (also called Watson Boulevard). The road will take you directly to the base, about 10 miles away from the exit. You can also exit coming from the north at exit 160-A (Pio Nono/Warner Robins) and take Highway 247 about 15 miles south to the base. Military members entering at the Visitor’s Center at Gate 3, which is open 24 hours a day, should report directly to the orderly room of the organization they are assigned. The orderly room will contact the Military Personnel Flight to schedule an appointment for in-processing. If there are any questions about where to report upon arrival, military members will be directed to the Military Personnel Section’s customer service office in Building 767. After hours, members will be directed to the 24-hour arrival point, the billeting office in Building 557.

Military Personnel
All military members arriving at Robins should report to their respective commander’s support staff on arrival. If there are any personnel-related questions the commander’s support staff cannot answer, help is available at the Military Personnel Section in Building 767. The MPS provides counseling and assistance on over a dozen personnel programs. Normal duty hours for the flight are Monday through Friday, 7:40 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. except Thursdays customer service is open 12 hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For information, call (478) 222-6862.

Civilian Personnel
Civilians assigned to Robins should follow the same procedures as military members, and should report to their assigned orderly room. For general information, call the employment office at (478) 926-7878/9614.

Traffic Management Office
Contact the Inbound Personal Property Section at (478) 222-0116 as soon as possible upon your arrival in the area to schedule delivery of personal property. Please be patient during peak move periods—May through August. Our carriers are more than willing to accommodate our military/civilian members. Additionally, be sure you have a telephone contact available so we may reach you. If you have further questions, please contact the main customer service line at (478) 222-0119.

Postal Service Center
Upon your arrival or shortly thereafter, your sponsor should take you to the Postal Service Center, located in Building 910. At the PSC, you will fill out a form and be assigned an appropriate post office box if you are living in one of the dorms. If you plan on living off base, the PSC will keep your personal mail for 90 days in general delivery. Once you move to your off base quarters, you must notify the PSC of your correct address. Your personal mail should be forwarded from your duty location to the PSC. It will either be put in your dorm cluster box, or forwarded to your off-base location. There is also a branch of the U.S. Post Office at the PSC for your postal needs. For details on personal mail, call the PSC at (478) 926-2127 or contact the Base Official Mail Manager at (478) 926-2284.

Personally Owned Vehicles
All personnel with a valid base credential (military, civilian, dependent, contractor, etc.) will be required to show their ID at the gate in order to gain access to Robins AFB. Temporary passes for up to three days may be obtained during duty hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Pass and Registration Section, Visitor Control Center, adjacent to the Main Gate (Gate 3). After duty hours, the controller at the VCC gate performs this function. Temporary passes needed for more than three days (special access request, etc.) may be obtained only at Pass and Registration during normal operating hours. Proof of ownership which include current vehicle registration, current insurance, valid driver’s license and a civilian or military identification card are required to drive on Robins AFB.

Parking in a visitor or customer space within two blocks of your workplace is prohibited. A series of numbers, letters, office symbols or any combination of these identifies it as a reserved parking space. In the base housing areas, vehicles may be parked in driveways or in designated parking spaces. Housing units with driveways may also park on the roadside unless specifically prohibited. Parking rules are strictly enforced.

Speed Limits
The speed limit on Robins AFB ranges from 10 to 35 mph. The security forces are responsible for enforcing speed limits and all other traffic laws. Violations of traffic laws can be reported to the Security Forces Law Enforcement Desk in Building 263. The telephone number is (478) 926 2187.

Driver’s Licenses
Military members and dependents are not required to obtain a Georgia driver’s license or license plate if they are properly licensed in their home state. Nonresident civilian personnel must obtain a Georgia license within 30 days of arriving in the local area. A Georgia driver’s license may be obtained by passing an eye and written examination given by the Georgia State Patrol in Warner Robins, Perry or Macon. Georgia state law requires a Social Security card be presented for license issue. Metal cards are not accepted.

Crime Prevention
Personnel assigned to Robins AFB are invited to participate in the many programs offered by the 78th Security Forces Squadron Crime Prevention Section. Persons knowledgeable of suspected crimes are encouraged to notify the Security Forces Control Center via the enhanced 911 system or (478) 926-2187.

Operation Identification and bicycle registration programs are offered to help participants permanently mark their property to aid in theft deterrence, or recovery, should a theft occur. Electric engravers are available for check out up to 72 hours from the Security Forces Control Center at (478) 926-2187 or the Police Services Section at (478) 222-1990/91/92. The Quarters Watch program offers a more secure environment when residents are away for vacation or required travel.

With this program, 78 SFS personnel check participants’ homes once every eight hours to ensure security. For more information on how to get involved in any of these programs, contact the control center at (478) 926-2187 or the police services section at 222-1990/91/92.

Duty Uniforms
The Air Force Materiel Command uniform of the day for military personnel is the Airman Battle Uniform or flight suit. The desert camouflage uniform is not authorized. Only the ABU green flight suit is allowed. Any combination of blues is worn each Monday by personnel with occupations that do not require them to wear a utility uniform to carry out their mission. There is no change of attire required for civilian members.

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