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Welcome to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, home of the 4th Fighter Wing and 916th Air Refueling Wing. The 4th Fighter Wing trains tomorrow’s F-15E aircrew and maintains a readiness posture to employ combat airpower and its combat enablers anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. The 916th Air Refueling Wing provides air-to-air refueling, cargo and passenger hauling, and aeromedical evacuation on a global scale at a moment’s notice.

Team Seymour, a total force of more than 6,500 Airmen and civilian personnel, serves more than 22,700 personnel, including the diverse population of dependents and retirees in the local community.

Each year, Team Seymour deploys an average of 750 Airmen in support of overseas contingency operations. As a member of Air Combat Command and 9th Air Force, the 4th Fighter Wing supplies on-call combat airpower to combatant commanders through two operational flying squadrons and thousands of support personnel. The base is also home to the only two F-15E Formal Training Units in the Air Force. Additionally, the 916th Air Refueling Wing, the Air Force Reserve Command’s primary KC-135R location, acts as a centrally located unit charged with offering non-stop connectivity and joint service air refueling, enabling both training and overseas contingency operations.

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is fortunate to have Wayne County and the City of Goldsboro as its partners. The surrounding community has been critical to the success of the 4th Fighter Wing mission since the base opened in 1942. Community is about respect, ambassadorship, and always being a superior teammate. We strive to maintain a healthy community with all of our mission partners on the installation, as well as being ambassadors to everyone off base.

To further our community, we have the Airman Sponsorship Program at Seymour Johnson. This is a collaboration between Seymour Johnson AFB and our local community that connects community members and their families with young Airman to provide a home-away-from-home during their first enlistment in the military. It also offers individuals and families a unique opportunity to support and bond with our Air Force men and women.

Families are essential to the mission success of the 4th Fighter Wing. A balanced family life boosts morale and a sense of belonging. There are many family programs available at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, as well as numerous groups and clubs specifically designed for the entire family. I encourage every member of our “Team of Teams” to get involved and help strengthen the installation as we forge a better place for our Airmen to serve and their families to grow.

The 4th Fighter Wing has a proud heritage, dating back to the volunteers of the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons of
World War II. Our Airmen at every level have answered the call of duty and provided superior support in defense of the United States in every major conflict since.

Our greatest resource is our people. They are expeditionary warriors who epitomize integrity, service and excellence, and are continuously at the forefront of our nation’s defense, ready for the challenges of our global security environment.

Lead With Courage,

Colonel Donn C. Yates
4th Fighter Wing Commander
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina

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