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The 82nd Training Group educates and trains officers and Airmen to replenish the combat capability of the armed forces. Personnel assigned to the group develop lesson plans and instruct more than 200 maintenance officer, aircraft maintenance and munitions maintenance courses and 37 Career Development Courses. The group is responsible for more than 30,000 Air Force, Defense Department and international graduates annually. It also manages $2.4 billion in aircraft, facilities and equipment and has an operations budget of $19.4 million. There are more than 6,000 military and civilian members assigned to the group.


  • Trains more than 4,900 graduates annually. 
  • Develops and instructs 45 courses in aero- space ground equipment, fuel systems, aerospace propulsion, aircrew life support, aircraft metals technology, aircraft structural maintenance, nondestructive inspection, survival equipment, egress systems and vehicle body repair. 
  • Develops and manages 12 Career Development Courses.
  • Manages assets worth $64 million and is responsible for the welfare of 260 military and civilian Airmen.


  • Develops and instructs 31 aircraft maintenance crew chief courses. 
  • Graduates more than 10,000 students annually from three-level and supplemental crew chief courses in support of eight MAJCOMs. 
  • Instills military training and discipline in assigned nonprior-service students.
  • Manages training assets and equipment, including 33 aircraft valued at more than $1.02 billion. Develops and manages seven Career Development Courses. Manages Type-6 training courses, producing more than 6,000 graduates annually.


  • Trains more than 3,800 graduates in armament systems, and nuclear and conventional munitions annually.
  • Develops and instructs 28 academic and supplemental courses.
  • Develops and manages three Career Field Education and Training Plans.
  • Develops and manages five Career Development Courses.
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