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Bassett Army Community Hospital Medical Department Activity-Alaska

Bassett Army Community Hospital Medical Department Activity-Alaska

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Bassett Army Community Hospital, the only Army hospital in Alaska, is located at Fort Wainwright, Alaska. As part of Medical Department Activity-Alaska, Bassett ACH includes command and control of Kamish Army Medical Home and the outlying clinics of Fort Greely Army Medical Home, Delta Junction, Alaska; and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Medical Home, Anchorage, Alaska.

MEDDAC-AK provides health care through teamwork to ensure a globally ready force. Its vision is to be a high reliability organization – fully trusted, innovative and integrated within the community. Bassett ACH, provides medical care in a state-of-the-art facility to both Army and Air Force Service Members, family members, veterans and retirees. As one of only two hospitals in interior Alaska, Bassett ACH plays a critical role in the care of more than 22,559 eligible beneficiaries throughout the state.

The Bassett ACH facility boasts nine staffed med-surg beds, seven obstetric suites, four operating rooms, a 64-slice CT scanner, MRI and provides both routine and specialty care.

With 795 civilian and military employees across the footprint, on an average day Bassett ACH provides 921 clinic visits, cares for 10 inpatients, fills more than 760 prescriptions, performs 100 radiological and 691 laboratory procedures, and delivers two new babies into our military family.


  • Bassett ACH is a test site for virtual Personal Health Assessments. Soldiers from Fort Wainwright meet virtually with providers from Fort Greely AMH in order to meet demand, improve readiness and create additional access to care.
  • The Bassett ACH Medical Warehouse not only serves those within its footprint, but it also serves as a distribution point for more than 30 remote Alaska villages in order to provide medical supplies to village health clinics in remote locations accessible only by plane or boat.
  • A memorandum of agreement is being worked between Bassett ACH and Indian Health Services to provide care for IHS beneficiaries within the Bassett ACH footprint.


The austere Alaska environment requires strong community partnerships with both military and private entities throughout the state to ensure the highest level of care to beneficiaries.

Bassett ACH works closely with civilian hospitals – Fairbanks Memorial Hospital locally and Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Most notably, a solid partnership has been built with other federal entities across the state through the Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership, which includes Indian Health Service, Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and the Coast Guard. These partnerships provide resource sharing in the realm of advanced training, supply chain management and beneficiary care, saving tax payer dollars as well as offering beneficiaries care closer to home and in a timely manner.


MEDDAC-AK provides world-class facilities to beneficiaries with continual renovations and upgrades to facilities and capabilities. Recently completed and ongoing projects include:

  • Creating an embedded behavioral health clinic with 11 provider offices, a training/conference room and four patient kiosks.
  • Upgrades to all wireless connections within Bassett ACH to ensure more reliable access for providers.
  • A complete Physical Therapy Department remodel to create more floor space for PT equipment and patient access.
  • 93 additional parking spaces for beneficiaries and staff members with easier access to Bassett ACH.
  • Converting unused meeting space into administrative offices for the Logistics Department.
  • Remodeling the Kamish AMH reception desk to include automatic security gates, Level III security glass and upgrading the building’s public announcement system.
  • Upgrading the Siemens’ fire alarm system throughout the footprint with new system to activate zone controls and an advanced graphics system.
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