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United States Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks Overview

United States Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks Overview

Pacific Health US Army Health Clinic Schofield Barracks Overview



The U.S. Army Health Clinic-Schofield Barracks has been proudly serving the Soldiers and Family members of the Schofield Barracks community since 1909 when we were the 59th Ambulance Company, which became the 11th Medical Regiment. The first building of the current facility was opened in 1919. In 1928, the hospital was renamed the 26th Station Hospital with a 500-bed capacity; making it the largest military medical facility on Oahu. In 1941, the name was changed to the North Sector Hospital and treated the first 117 U.S. casualties associated with the Dec. 7 attacks at Wheeler Army Airfield that preceded the attacks on Pearl Harbor that infamous morning. During WWII, the facility expanded up to 2,000 beds and was used as a rehabilitation center. During the Korean war the facility was named Schofield Annex, Tripler Army Hospital, Ward 50 and became a 100-bed convalescent ward. Since 1965, the healthcare team has been focused on providing the best outpatient care to support the Soldiers, Family Members and Retirees in the northern portion of Oahu.


Currently, the USAHC-SB supports the Soldiers and Family members of the 25th ID, 8th TSC, 516th Signal Brigade and 500th MI Brigade. Overall, USAHC-SB provides outpatient services for over 80 percent of all Soldiers stationed on Oahu. Over the last year, we successfully partnered with 25th ID and 8th TSC to improve medical readiness. Overall, we were able to successfully decrease non-deployable Soldiers in the MRC4 category to < 2 percent to meet the Chief of Staff of the Army’s MRC4 Reset target. We were also able to decrease non-deployable Soldiers in the MRC3B status by the integration of Nurse Case Management in support of the Brigade Surgeons. In the last year, over 11,000 Soldiers completed Soldier Readiness Processing in preparation for Pacific Pathways and other deployments for the 25th ID, 8th TSC, and other USARHAW organizations.

The Army Wellness Center (AWC) at Scofield Barracks has become one of the most productive medium-sized AWC in the Army based on a recently published analysis. The USAHC-SB AWC was ranked #2 of& 11 medium-sized AWC for number of clinic visits and ranked 3rd for number of unique people served. After a recent facility furniture redesign we expect the ability of the USAHC-SB AWC to continue to better serve our community. We have added AWC providers to Relay Health to improve their ability to leverage technology to coach, teach, and mentor those they serve.


In this last year, USAHC-SB earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for quality care. Additionally, our primary care clinics are all level 3 Certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Our patients report over 93 percent average patient satisfaction with our health care providers scoring over 97 percent for their courtesy and respect. Overall quality of our clinic is measured against HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set). The patient centered medical home received an overall composite score of 86 percent and the social centered medical home had a composite score of 96.7 percent; both exceeding Army Medicine standards. Our Patient Administration Division has been recognized for exceeding the standards and quality service for processing your treatment and dental records.


Improving access to care for all of our patients remains a priority. This last year we were successful in decreasing the access to care for all primary care new appointments to < 0.8 days for a new appointment (Army Medicine’s goal is <1 day) and <4.1 percent days for follow-up appointments (Army Medicine’s goal is <7 days). To help meet patients on where they would like to be met – we have increased our use of RelayHealth and TRICARE Online. We have hired over 80 personnel and have another 170 hiring actions on-going to better serve the community. USAHC-SB Behavioral Health has tripled in size, expanding from three clinics to 10, growing from a staff of less than 40 to a staff of over 140 employees.


  1. Opened a new Women’s Health Clinic and a Patient Centering program to assist the pregnant women we serve. We added a mammography technician.
  2. Expanded the space and services of our pain clinic to better serve the community.
  3. Art Therapy is integrated into our Intensive Outpatient Programs and our Child and Family Behavioral Health Services.
  4. Integrated Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care into the USAHC-SB.
  5. Increased physical therapy assets with allowed us to open up physical therapy to family members.
  6. Integrated behavioral health into the primary care clinics (medical homes) to increase access to behavioral health services.
  7. Added a dietitian to the primary care clinic.


USAHC-SB continues to renovate and upgrade medical facilities and capabilities to provide healthcare to all eligible beneficiaries. USAHC-SB consists of 26 buildings with over 300,000 square feet of medical space. Eighteen of those buildings make up our main campus. To decrease confusion and improve navigation across our campus we updated the wayfinder package for the campus. This year we opened the 2nd Brigade Embedded Behavioral Health Clinic and the Aviation Medicine Clinic on Schofield Barracks. To improve parking we haves started a MILCON project that will add 429 parking spaces within a 5 story parking garage. The garage should open Spring of 2018. The next phase of the renovation will add a 3-story annex in the back of the campus that will house physical therapy, dental, and behavioral health. After that is completed the buildings within our main campus will be renovated to better serve our community.


To better meet the needs of our community, USAHC-SB leaders are actively engaged in the Community Health Promotion Council (CHPC). We are partnering with the community to help make the healthy choice the easy choice across the installation.


In addition to carrying for the needs of our community, our military medical team must be ready to support the force in deployed settings. In this last year, we deployed almost 20 percent of military personnel in support of 12 missions in the following countries: Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and CENTCOM AOR. These missions supported such events as: ULCHI Freedom Guardian (UFG), Operations Key Resolve, Angkor Sentinel, Operation Spartan Shield, and joint operations with the Air Force for Pacific Angel 16-3.

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