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Yongsan Medics Conduct Live Surgery Exercise

Yongsan Medics Conduct Live Surgery Exercise

Pacific Health US Army Medical Department Activity Korea Yongsan Medics Conduct Live Surgery Exercise


By William Wight
Pacific Regional Medical Command

YONGSAN, South Korea – For the Soldiers and medical personnel assigned, here, at the 121st Combat Support Hospital (CSH), being able to transition to their wartime mission, in the event of potential hostilities, means an abundance of training.

Typically during the first quarter of each year, the 121st CSH conducts a Live Surgery Exercise within the confines of its Critical Care Corridor.

The Critical Care Corridor consists of the Operating Room (OR), an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a Recovery Ward, along with Patient Administration, Radiology and Pharmacy sections.

Once the corridor was established, surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, and laboratory and OR technicians conducted their training, which includes live surgeries performed on the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital (BAACH) campus.

With patient safety always at the forefront, the exercise demonstrates an integrated training approach to maintain “Fight Tonight” readiness by offering armistice healthcare with a tactical transition to field medical care equipment.

According to CSH leaders, the training of the critical care corridor is the lifeblood of the CSH and is a key component to the “Fight Tonight” mission.

Medical professionals say they are able to successfully demonstrate and validate their capability in providing patient care, using real live patients who volunteer to participate in the training while undergoing elective surgeries.

Leaders also added that pushing patients through the critical corridor purposefully stresses the patient flow processes and validates the readiness of the OR’s capabilities to conduct live surgery in the event a transition to hostilities occurs.

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