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Bulk Fuel Resupply Exercise

Bulk Fuel Resupply Exercise

Story by LCpl Damion Hatch on 06/24/2019

U.S. Marines with Bulk Fuel Company, 8th Engineer Support Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, and Heavy Equipment Company, 8th ESB, 2nd MLG construct a bulk fuel site at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, June 21. 2019.

Marines with 8th ESB use heavy equipment to construct a bulk fuel site for a 150,000 gallon tactical fuel system. They then use hoses connected to a 600 GPM pump to transport water from the ocean to the fueling system.

“We have a company sized element out here with one main mission…,” said Warrant Officer Andrew Walter, a platoon commander with Bulk Fuel Co., 8th ESB. “To build a bulk fuel site in order to support a scenario to improve our tactics, techniques and procedures.”

The water represents fuel that the Marines will store to resupply vehicles in a deployed environment. Meanwhile a platoon of Marines provides protection around the forward operating base. Throughout the exercise an oppositional force tested the perimeter by launching strategic attacks around the base.

“I expect consistent training and muscle memory from my Marines,” said Warrant Officer Joseph Miller, a platoon commander with Bulk Fuel Co., 8th ESB. “They need to get familiar with their equipment to improve speed and efficiency for future operations.”

The exercise prepares the Marines with 8th ESB to directly support the II Marine Expeditionary Force. Ensuring that a bulk fuel site can be built and protected in a quick and timely manner is crucial for providing fuel for the II MEF and its assets.

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