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Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County, VA


In 1742, Fairfax County was formed from the northern part of Prince William County and named after Thomas Fairfax, the proprietor of the Northern Neck. In 1789, a portion of the county was ceded to the federal government to be a part of the District of Columbia.


Many important Civil War battles occurred within Fairfax County including the Battle of Chantilly and the Battle of Bull Run. Its proximity to Washington D.C. made the county a strategic location for both sides. Following World War II, the growth of the Federal Government led to rapid growth within Fairfax County. Soon, the once rural county became a largely suburban county with the aid of a heavily government-driven economy. Today, that same economy has made Fairfax County one of the wealthiest in the nation.


Colvin Run Mill Historic Site

—This historical area, circa the early 19th century, offers visitors a look back at America’s technological roots. The site includes an operating grist mill, a miller’s house including exhibits, an activity barn and a general store.


Fairfax Station Museum and Caboose

—The current building here is a reconstruction of the original 1858 building. During the Civil War, the station served the Union as a supply base, field hospital, and transport center. After the war, the station became an important stop on the Southern Railway System and remained in use until 1973.


Gum Springs

—Gum Springs, which was formally established in 1833, is the oldest African American community in Fairfax County. The community was established near Mount Vernon as a safe haven for freed men and runaway slaves. The Gum Springs Historical Society hosts numerous activities, exhibits and lectures celebrating the community’s history.


Mount Vernon

—Mount Vernon was home to America’s first President, George Washington. Today, Mount Vernon presents visitors with an intimate glimpse into the life of this great man. The mansion’s grounds house a greenhouse, slave quarters, a museum dedicated to George Washington, an Archaeology and Restoration Museum, a Slave Memorial and Washington’s tomb—all of which are open to the public.

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