About Us

MyBaseGuide proudly serves as one of the largest and longest-established publishers of military base installation guides, telephone directories, and maps. We have been continuously operating since our founding in 1966, having forged a strong bond with the U.S. armed services for more than four decades. Many of our employees are former active, reserve, and guard members and family members. Our reputation for integrity, trustworthiness, and the highest ethical standards is well known throughout the entire United States Military community. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality resources to service members at every stage in their career, from MEPS to retirement.

Our publications are distributed via our website in addition to print for physical distribution through our partner military installations. This gives service members the opportunity to acquaint themselves and their families with base facilities, services, schools, housing, local businesses, and available recreation opportunities. Our website and guides include a section with employment information for spouses and other pertinent information to help make relocation less stressful.

We are a subsidiary of JumpCrew, LLC Military Brands. Our national headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and features professionals with specialized skills and decades of experience in the marketing, advertising, publishing, and military industries.


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