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The United States Air Force continues to maintain air superiority over America’s enemies. Our Airmen are capable of outmaneuvering opposing forces and delivering the right force to the battlefield. There's a wide range of applications for the USAF, including direct conflict, gathering vital intel, rescue missions, and more. But Air Force Civilian Service careers are comprised of around 170,000 civilians that are working alongside the USAF to help them execute missions. Learn more about the Air Force Civilian Service, including the many jobs available to civilians and Veterans.

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What Is Air Force Civilian Service?

The Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) is a collection of civilians that assist the U.S. Air Force in its military objectives. This can range from anything involving direct assistance for missions, such as intelligence gathering, or areas that take care of Airmen on a personal level, such as social services.

Air Force Civilian Service Benefits

The benefits provided to civilians working in the AFCS mirror many of the same ones found for Airmen serving through the USAF. For example:
  • Affordable life insurance benefits.
  • Long-term care coverage.
  • Paid vacation time & sick leave.
  • Tuition for training & education related to your job.
  • Potential student loan reimbursement.
Beyond the Air Force Civilian Service salary and Federal benefits, you’ll also be given the opportunity to grow in your field while balancing work and life adequately. You may even earn the Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award, one of the highest awards given to civilians by the U.S. Air Force.

21 Jobs Available for Civilians

The USAF is a military branch, but it’s also a workplace. A unique workplace at that. Not only because of the nature of what Airmen do but also because, on top of taking care of their employees in terms of work, the branch also has to worry about the many lives of those serving. This goes for both Airmen deployed on missions and others that remain home. For these reasons, you’ll find that the Air Force Civilian Service offers plenty of jobs from a wide range of industries. Here are 21 examples perfect for civilians and Veterans:

1. Acquisition & Contract Management

By now, we’ve all learned the importance of logistics and supply chain management. It’s no surprise that it means that much more on the battlefield. Civilians can help the U.S. Air Force acquire the tools and systems it needs to remain an elite fighting force.

2. Administrative & Management

The administrative work and assistance in management from the AFCS help Airmen defend our nation more efficiently. Jobs in the field touch nearly every aspect of the USAF, helping behind the scenes so that Airmen can focus on the mission at hand.

3. Aircraft Maintenance

It’s hard to have an Air Force without aircraft, and if you’re gonna have aircraft, they’re gonna need to be taken care of. Mechanics and engineers play a vital role in making sure our nation’s fleet is in top working condition.

4. Animal Care & Veterinarian

The many service animals and pets of Airmen have an adorable yet important role in defending our country, too. Working in animal care helps ensure the safety of animals trained for missions as well as those trained for cuddles.

5. Auditing

Being efficient is key for any organization, and the auditing department at the AFCS helps ensure that the USAF stays ready to fight in a streamlined, organized manner.

6. Chaplin

One of the many great things about the United States is our freedom of religion. As a Chaplin, not only do you get to use your spiritual gifts to help Airmen worship, but you also act as an advisor to leadership to ensure that religious freedoms are maintained for those who serve.

7. Civil Engineering

Ensuring the structural integrity of the Air Force’s many military installations combined with reducing our military’s environmental impact, civil engineers have quite a task. Together, they help our Airmen realize their goals in a safe, responsible manner.

8. Cyber & Information Technology

Remember when people thought the Internet was a fad? Every day we continue to integrate more and more aspects of our lives into technology, and the USAF is no different. Protecting the cybersecurity of America is the duty of the Air Force, but it starts with the AFCS protecting the cybersecurity of our Airmen.

9. Finance & Accounting

Keeping finances in order for the U.S. Air Force is no easy task, but the challenge is ready for those who work through the Air Force Civilian Service. Help our Airmen maximize their budget and stay on track through finance and accounting positions.

10. Fire Protection

Fire safety comes in many forms. There are residential fire concerns for Airmen on base, potential fires that can happen within military installations, and fire-related threats that can occur due to aircraft. Mitigating those risks helps the USAF work in a safer environment.

11. Intelligence

The intel provided to Americans is one of the most advantageous parts of our military as a whole. Sifting through data, collecting it, and organizing it helps missions be successful by giving our troops a fighting edge.

12. International Affairs

Globalization continues to shrink the world, and now more than ever, the need for strong international ties is an important factor in the Air Force. From politics to exports to security and more, you can help on a wide range of international issues.

13. Law Enforcement & Security

Maintaining law and order is imperative for keeping our Airmen safe from the acts of criminals. There are many law enforcement and security-related jobs available through the Air Force Civilian Service.

14. Logistics

Purchase orders, tracking shipments, calculating inventory… the logistics team does a lot. These actions are beyond necessary for the Air Force to function and help keep operations in perfect order in the AFCS.

15. Medical & Mental Health

The healthcare of our Airmen and their families is of vital importance. Not only to be sure that they complete their missions but to ensure that those who serve us are properly taken care of for a better quality of life.

16. Pilot & Simulator Instructors

As a pilot or simulator instructor, your role is to prepare the next generation of Airmen for a very critical function: how to fly. It’s really not possible to dominate airspace if you can’t fly an aircraft, and it all starts with learning the basics.

17. Skilled Trades

A broad term to cover a wide range of important workers. Skilled laborers of all kinds don’t just keep the USAF going; they keep America going. This includes carpenters, HVAC technicians, masons, welders, pipe fitters, etc.

18. Special Investigations (OSI)

AFOSI helps directly stop terrorism and other harmful plots against Americans and others around the world. There are more than 260 locations, including Quantico, available for this noble service.

19. STEM Disciplines

Workers in STEM continue to be needed more and more as we integrate our lives online even further. The AFCS has a wide variety of STEM-centric jobs available helping the USAF in just as many ways.

20. Social Services

Military households have unique hurdles to clear, and social services are here to help Airmen and their families do just that. With a focus on family, whatever that looks like to those serving, the social service positions at the Air Force Civilian Service keep families moving forward through adversity in a safe, respectful manner.

21. Weather

The Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA) helps our Air Force better prepare to overcome and adapt to weather conditions while operating missions, training, etc.

Stay Up to Date With the Air Force Civilian Service LinkedIn Page

The Air Force Civilian Service LinkedIn page is a great way to stay in touch with everything happening at the AFCS. From understanding the Air Force Civilian Service hiring process to finding Air Force Civilian Service internships, this is the place to be. As you can see, no matter your interests or skill set, there's something for everyone in the Air Force Civilian Service. Take a look around and you’re sure to find something that fits your employment needs while also offering a unique opportunity to serve America.

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