By Ian Kempf

The Air Force Key Spouse Program was launched in 2009 to better communication between people of leadership within the Air Force and and the families. Someone who is a key spouse is trained and chosen by a unit commander to function as a link of communication between said unit’s leadership and military families. The key spouse program commissioned by the Air Force also equips spouses of service members to provide support to other military families during times of need. If you’re the spouse of an Air Force service member and are interested in becoming a part of this program, we’ve got you covered.

Requirements to Volunteer in the Air Force’s Key Spouse Program

The Air Force Key Spouse Program requires that each volunteer take a series of courses before being fully recognized. These courses are put in place to ensure that each spouse is equipped to do the tasks that will be set before them. These modules/courses:

  • Prepare you for any potential disasters by informing you about emergency families, assistance centers, and evacuation operations.
  • Safeguard personal identification information.
  • Help you learn more about mission readiness, and understand its importance to accomplishing the task either at a deployed locale or at home.

These courses will give spouses the tools and understanding that they need to function as an effective unit representative.

These modules, and a final course assessment, must be completed to become an Air Force key spouse. These modules can be completed at the leisure of the spouse and are not demanding of one’s time. This makes them very accessible to those who work full-time or have any other responsibilities that require their attention.

What Is the Point of the Air Force Key Spouse Program?

As mentioned previously, the Key Spouse Program, as dictated by the Air Force, will see military spouses helping others within their unit and community. The sense of camaraderie and teamwork has always been strong in the military, and key spouses serve to push the envelope of that mantra.

A key spouse may help a new family who has recently transitioned to a new change of station, helping them become comfortable and familiar with their newfound surroundings. A key spouse also will provide support to military families during times of need, regardless of whether that may be help with food, housing needs, or perhaps simply emotional support during difficult times.

They play a vital but small role in the overall picture, working behind the scenes to take care of things that are closer to home or of lesser stakes than active-duty service members. These volunteers uphold the sense of unity that is heavily associated across the military and its branches.

Through the work done by key spouses, many military families and the unit in which their spouse serves will greatly benefit.

Consider Volunteering With the Air Force’s Key Spouse Program

If you feel a strong desire to help your community and make things easier for our active-duty service members, then you should think about volunteering in the Air Force Key Spouse Program.

It is ingrained into the military’s culture to want to help their own, and this program is the perfect way for those who are in a military family to do their part, even if it is in a small way.

While there is much to be done out in the wider world, sometimes the most important duties are the ones that take place at home or in our communities. If you have a heart that’s itching for a chance to serve in your own way, then the Air Force Key Spouse Program is a great way to do just that.

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