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The Assault Amphibian School Battalion (Building 210568) is by the Del Mar Boat Basin, facing the Del Mar Beach in the 21 Area. The battalion is composed of two companies, Support Company and Schools Company. The battalion commander is also the 21 Area commander for Camp Del Mar, CampPendleton.

The battalion is the formal school for Assault Amphibian Vehicle training in the Marine Corps. It is chartered to instruct eight formal courses of instruction. The Officer Course (MOS 1803) provides training for officers to become assault amphibian platoon commanders and is 54 training days long. The Assault Amphibian Crewman Course (MOS 1833) presents entry-level instruction in basic crewman operations of an AAV and is 46 training days long. The Assault Amphibian Intermediate Maintenance Course (MOS 2141) is a repairman skills progression course for NCOs and SNCOs. It is 63 training days long. The Basic Repairman Course is an entry-level training course, producing repairmen capable of performing first- and second-echelon maintenance on the assault amphibian vehicle. It is 70 training days long. The Assault Amphibian Unit Leader Course provides selected NCOs and staff NCOs with advanced leadership and tactical skills necessary to become a section leader in an Assault Amphibian battalion. The course is 39 training days.

In direct support of the Fleet Marine Force, the battalion provides a Mobile Training Team to conduct instruction in the operation and maintenance of the MK154 Linear Mine Clearance Kit. The course is 10 training days.

For the Marine Corps Reserve, the battalion provides the Reserve Gunnery Course. This is a high-tempo, 13-training-day course that reserve SNCOs and senior NCOs undergo. The eighth course the school provides is the Reserve Crewman’s Course. It is also 13 training days long, and it provides training for Marines as basic vehicle crewmen. The school trains more than 1,000 Marines each year.

The Assault Amphibian School Battalion is home to the WWII/Korea LVT Museum. On display are the six amphibious tractors (Landing Vehicle Tracked) utilized by the Marine Corps during World War II and Korea. In addition to the vehicle displays there are displays of artifacts and personal memorabilia.




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