By Breasia Williams

In an effort to increase care for Veterans across Kentucky and Tennessee, the Department of Veteran Affairs has announced the opening of its newest health clinic, a facility located in Blanchfield Army Community Hospital.

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New Health Clinic Located Inside Blanchfield Army Hospital

Located at Fort Campbell, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital was an ideal location for this new health clinic because of the number of Veterans who could benefit from a VA clinic in this area. In Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Clarksville, Tennessee, the most rapidly growing Veteran population in the region is present. Across these areas there are over 21,000 Veterans enrolled in VA health care and another 29,100 who are eligible.

This facility inside Blanchfield Army Community Hospital is co-located with a Defense Department hospital, a duo that the VA hopes can expand its footprint by at least 13 additional facilities located at military bases across the U.S.

Additionally, along with this new Department of Veteran Affairs outpatient clinic, the VA plans to establish three more Veteran outpatient clinics over the next three years in Cockesville and Nashville, Tennessee.

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How Will The New Health Clinic Benefit Veterans?

A form of healthcare that is available to Veterans is VA health care. Veterans are also able to use Medicare. Often mistaken as one, when told that Medicare and VA health care are two completely separate, people often wonder what the difference is between them.

If you have VA health coverage, you aren’t required to sign up for Medicare; however, being signed up for both will give you more options. VA health benefits cover services at VA hospitals and locations within its system, such as the new clinic at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital. Medicare will not cover the cost of care at these locations, and VA health care usually does not cover hospitals, doctors, or other providers.

Being that Fort Campbell and Clarksville have a large number of Veterans enrolled in VA health care, the new health clinic inside of Blanchfield Army Community Hospital will provide accessible and affordable health care.

When being compared to Medicare, military retirees may wonder “how much does VA health care cost per month?” This will depend on your VA disability rating, pension payments, and income.

This benefit is a part of reforms that the Defense Department has been pushing since 2017 to focus on the military’s medical commands on care for military personnel, including services for family members and Veterans.

What Care Will Be Available At The New Health Clinic?

At Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Fort Campbell eligible Veterans will have access to dental care, women’s health services, intensive care, and pain management. According to VA officials, fifteen VA employees and 10 Fort Campbell staff members will be servicing and providing care to the Veterans.

VA officials believe that the new clinic in Blanchfield Army Community Hospital opens up opportunities for Veteran health cases to be seen by the VA and for increased opportunities to care for those who have made sacrifices for the country. Additionally, VA medical employees will be able to maintain their readiness skills. This clinic is a win-win situation for all.

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