By Buddy Blouin
Nellis AFB breaking news recently has unfortunately focused around a 13-year-old arrested for alleged arson at a Nellis AFB housing complex. The U.S. Air Force base located near Las Vegas, Nevada, was subjected to housing fires that affected four different houses and disrupted multiple families. The suspect was sent to the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center, as she's still a teenager. But as terrifying as that is, this ongoing investigation is also looking to decipher if there is any connection to another disturbing trend. If connected and proven, this arrest could end up saving the lives of both humans and animals.

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Clark County Juvenile Detention Center-Bound Teen Suspected of Arson

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department arrested a 13-year-old female on suspicion of arson in response to a fire within Nellis AFB housing. Base security forces responded early on Saturday, July 30, to the fires at Nellis Landings, the on-base housing complex. While four homes were affected, thankfully, not many were seriously injured in the Nellis AFB lodging fires, with only two people being taken in for smoke inhalation. As of now, the investigation continues to be ongoing, and though details are scarce, the damage isn’t expected to be too severe, and residents appear to be ok. "All fires were quickly extinguished and no significant damage occurred to three units. Residents of one housing unit were safely evacuated to a medical facility and treated for smoke inhalation,” said Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry, Nellis AFB Base Spokesman, through an emailed statement.

More to the Story?

The Nellis AFB authorities are working with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department on this ongoing investigation. This might seem obvious, as they would for any such incident, but unsettling trends point to activity that falls far beyond an arsonist. Nellis AFB has been searching for a person killing cats after dead cats have been found on base/near the gate. A dead cat could point to a predator looking for a meal in many cases, but the mutilation and state of the four cats found point to the fact that they weren’t killed by natural means. The intensity of such findings would even prompt the leaders of the base to speak up and warn Airmen of potential pre-serial killer activities that were suspected. Again, this investigation is ongoing and feels tight-lipped for now, but as of this writing, no official connection has been made between the feline slayings and the alleged arson attempt.

Clark County Juvenile Detention Center Stay Could Save Lives

Nellis AFB news cycles have had a lot to contend with over the last several months, but hopefully, this ending can prevent an even grislier headline. If there is a connection between the two, early detection may be able to help. Having the right resources and attention may help the party arrested if she is responsible and all of those around her, including animals. As we watch these events unfold, the key is to let the legal and investigative processes play out. There's no guarantee that the two are connected; however, if they are, a stay at the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center can help identify any abnormal patterns and provide the right resources necessary to deter violent behavior in the future.

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