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Whether you’re just looking into military service as a career or are getting ready to take the next step and try for special operations in your branch, you know that the change won’t come easy. Being a part of any special forces in the military requires grit and determination. Luckily, Deep End Fitness can help you with the physical side of that. Explore their milprep program and see how they mold every generation of special ops candidates.

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What Is Deep End Fitness?

Deep End Fitness is an organization that offers intensive water-based training programs to “promote a positive shift in mental and physical health.” Their programs and methodology are based on real experiences and actual research. Deep End Fitness workouts teach trainees critical thinking capabilities in stressful environments, stress mitigation techniques, coping mechanisms, water survival, and more. The program also places paramount priority on safety, meaning that no matter how intense their training gets, they’re looking after you. First and foremost, however, they are a fitness brand. They’re prepared to get you into shape to succeed no matter what your goals are – military or otherwise.

Deep End Fitness for the Military

If you know anything about the military’s special forces and the training required to be a part of them, you know that water always plays a huge part, and it can be difficult to overcome for many recruits. Deep End Fitness recognizes this special challenge and has a program built especially for those looking to go into special ops in the military: the DEF Military Prep Program. This military prep training program is perfect for helping special ops candidates prepare for professional training for their given branch. Students are coached with a growth mindset and encouraged every step of the way so that they meet their personal goals and are set up for military success. The special operations prep course from Deep End Fitness offers the following:
  • Aquatic skill development.
  • Aquatic workouts.
  • Mentorship from former military instructors.
  • Ten hours of instruction over the course of four weeks.
This is a great way to prepare yourself for the tough realities of special ops training before just going in blindly. They offer a variety of other courses, as well, held in Vermont and California.

Why Invest in a Military Prep Workout?

Special operations training is no joke. Some candidates have literally died during some of the more intense military trainings, like those for the Navy SEALs. This isn’t something you should be ill-prepared for, no matter which branch’s special operations you’re planning on joining. Just as an example, Navy SEAL training requires candidates to perform at the top of their game for roughly 20 hours per day on very little sleep in harsh conditions – often cold and wet. SEAL candidates are also asked to swim in choppy waters, take part in combat diving, and roll around on the beach while withstanding waves washing over them. Almost 70% of those who try SEAL training fail. Another example is the Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School, which has been named one of the hardest programs in the military (though some give it the title of #1 hardest course to pass). To pass this course, recruits will be tested in pool stress events, 50-meter underwater swims, and retrievals of heavy objects from the bottom of a deep pool. Only about 33% of recruits make it through this training. With these intense programs and massive failure rates, military prep programs like the one offered by Deep End Fitness can make all the difference and ensure you don’t end up as another one of the failure statistics.

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