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Does CVS take TRICARE? As the official healthcare program of the U.S. DoD, TRICARE coverage is accepted by CVS. That means you get CVS prescriptions, pharmacist advice, vaccines, and more with your existing coverage. Learn more about how CVS and TRICARE interact to work for you. 

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Does CVS Take TRICARE? What To Know 

As we’ve mentioned, CVS does work with TRICARE beneficiaries. But CVS has a lot of programs and offerings, so which ones can you take part in as a military member with TRICARE coverage? We’re going over everything you can – and can’t – expect from TRICARE and CVS’s partnership. 

CVS MinuteClinic

When asking, “Does CVS accept TRICARE?” a lot of military families are specifically interested in their ability to utilize CVS’s MinuteClinic program. And good news – you can!  MinuteClinic is a fantastic healthcare option for military personnel, as it aims to streamline the entire healthcare process. From insurance to virtual care from the comfort of your own home to easy payments, MinuteClinic takes the hassle out of staying healthy. It’s an on-demand, walk-in healthcare option for everybody, and it’s available seven days a week – which is especially good for military families who are always on the go.  The vast majority of MinuteClinic locations do accept TRICARE, but be sure to also double-check your own TRICARE coverage and make sure that MinuteClinic is listed within your plan. To check if your local MinuteClinic accepts TRICARE, you can click this link MinuteClinic is also a VA-authorized retail clinic, so it’s a perfect solution for Veterans or those about to ETS (exit the service), too! 

CVS Pharmacy and TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits

CVS officially joined the TRICARE retail pharmacy network in December of 2021. And TRICARE pharmacy options will not widely differ from those offered by standard insurance.  In late 2022, roughly 15,000 independent pharmacies (as well as Sam’s Club and Walmart) left the TRICARE retail pharmacy network, but CVS remains in-network, meaning you can still get all your TRICARE-covered scripts from your friendly local CVS pharmacy. Not sure if your medication is covered under your insurance plan? Check TRICARE’s formulary search tool by clicking here When you need to get a covered RX filled, it’s simple; all you need to do is show the pharmacist your insurance card the first time you go to drop off a prescription (or upload a picture of it on the CVS app), and they’ll input your insurance information for you. If there are any issues with prescription coverage and your TRICARE insurance, they’ll contact you immediately via phone number or app. 

Vaccines and TRICARE

Since 2020, many CVS stores have also become official COVID vaccination sites. Eligible TRICARE beneficiaries can visit their local CVS’s website and make an appointment for a vaccine online for free. CVS kids’ COVID vaccines are available for free for enrolled dependents. Flu vaccines are also available and covered by TRICARE. 

Glasses and Contacts

Unfortunately, services through CVS are not covered under TRICARE. However, with the CVS app, you can save a lot of money on glasses starting at $79 and get deals on contacts with constant savings.  Even if you’re paying out of pocket, CVS’s vision prices are more than reasonable, and it’s incredibly easy to make an appointment and check on the status of your order(s) through the app. 

How (and Why) To Utilize the CVS App

There’s more to CVS than meets the eye. They’re more than just a place to refill prescriptions; they’re your helping hand in all stages of your medical journey – whether you or a family member is dealing with a common cold or a chronic illness.  The CVS app can guide you through all offerings, make sure you stay up-to-date at all times on your most important medical needs, and keep you informed of all your coverage options through TRICARE. Through the app, you can also manage all of your prescriptions, get instant refills from your phone, schedule your vaccines, and get your medications delivered, if you’re in a delivery location.  To download the CVS app, go to wherever you get your applications and just hit install! If you’re on iPhone, you can download the CVS app via the App Store. If you’re on Android, you can download the CVS app via Google Play. Plus, downloading and utilizing the app can save you money on a bunch of CVS offerings.  Once it’s installed, you’ll be asked to make an account with your email, phone number, and date of birth. From there, you can upload an image of your TRICARE insurance card and start enjoying all the amazing TRICARE CVS benefits. 

TRICARE and CVS: Helping Military Families Together

Now that we know that the answer to “Does CVS take TRICARE?” is an overwhelming YES in many different ways, it’s time for you to start taking action. It only takes three super easy steps to transfer your existing prescriptions to CVS, and you can get started with the app in minutes, so don’t hesitate! 

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