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Welcome to the majestic Rocky Mountains surrounding your new home, Fort Carson! If you’ve never lived in Colorado, you might have some preconceived notions about the “Centennial State.” It’s not just snow, snow, snow here. While there is an above-average amount of snow that falls during the winter, the fairly mild climate and 200-plus days of sunshine makes Fort Carson, Colorado a gateway to a wide variety of outdoor activities enjoyed throughout the year.

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High temps:

53 to 69 degrees

Low temps:

26 to 43 degrees The saying “April showers bring May flowers” is definitely true here, with the majority of the area’s rainfall occurring during the spring months. March is far less tolerable than May, feeling more like winter than spring. April and May are when spring is in full effect, with flowers blooming and snow melting, making hiking and whitewater rafting very popular activities to enjoy. You’ll want to grab a light jacket and keep an umbrella handy during this season. Fort Carson Weather in the Summer


High temps:

80 to 85 degrees

Low temps:

52 to 58 degrees Summer days are warm and sun-filled in Fort Carson and Colorado Springs. August is the warmest month of the year, but the low humidity makes the heat tolerable. You’ll still find plenty of people hiking or biking during the hot, summer days. This is peak tourist season so be prepared for crowds. Make sure to wear a hat, sunscreen, and loose-fitting clothing when you’re outside during the warmer days and prepare for the cooler evenings with pants or a light jacket.


High temps:

51 to 75 degrees

Low temps:

25 to 48 degrees The temperatures vary widely in fall. Right after summer transitions to autumn, it’s still fairly warm outside. Those are the days where you can get away with wearing pants and short sleeves. However, once you get closer to Halloween, you’ll want to dress in layers. One of the benefits of living in Colorado during the autumn months is the leaves changing colors, so you’ll probably be outside a lot admiring the beauty around you. Don’t forget to keep a jacket in the car to wear on those particularly cold days when you’re trying to capture pictures in the fall foliage. Fort Carson Weather in the Winter


High temps:

43 to 45 degrees

Low temps:

17 to 20 degrees Your winter months, while stationed at Fort Carson, will be pleasant, if not slightly colder than the rest of the year. December through February is when the majority of snow falls (an average of 23 inches annually). You won’t want to leave the house without wearing heavier layers, waterproof boots, and having a down jacket handy. Because even though the temps have dropped, the outdoor activities are in full swing so most people are out and about. Don’t miss out on the skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing in Colorado during winter.

Fort Carson Weather Hazards

While most days in Fort Carson are sunny and mild, the area has been hit by severe hailstorms, wind, and fires that wreaked havoc. Soldiers should be prepared for anything by having an emergency kit readily available. The kit should include a flashlight, first aid kit, waterproof matches, weather-appropriate clothing (rain jacket, waterproof socks, etc.), batteries, and a three-day minimum supply of water and non-perishable food. Fort Carson Weather Field & Training Expectations

Field & Training Expectations

Fort Carson’s altitude is at 6,000 feet above sea level and newcomers might experience fatigue at first, especially while engaging in physical training activities. This high, mountainous terrain can result in altitude sickness if you’re not careful so be aware of symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, and nausea. A few tips to minimize the risks during field and training exercises include staying hydrated and reducing the consumption of salty foods, among other things.


One of the benefits of living in beautiful Fort Carson, Colorado is that you get to enjoy all four seasons. The climate is mild enough that you can spend time outdoors throughout the year or use the rain or snow as an excuse to hunker down indoors. Use our tips to get the most out of your stay in Fort Carson and ensure you’re prepared for any kind of weather.

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