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Will I continue to get BAH once I accept a home on JBLM?

Yes, you will continue to receive your BAH.  An allotment will be started equal to the amount of your BAH paid to Privatized Housing as your “rent” payment.


Do the homes come with washer and dryers?

No, the homes come equipped with washer/dryer hookups only.


What utilities will I be responsible for?

You are responsible for baseline electric and gas. The department of Defense mandated this program and it is supported by Congress. The utility program is designed to reduce energy consumptions and to conserve natural resources. For privatized housing residents, the program also provides an opportunity to save money through responsible use of electricity and natural gas. Baselines are implemented based on criteria that include the floor plan, level of renovation, type of heat, age of the furnace, type of water heater, and the home’s insulation. The Baselines are established every month by actual meter read of that type of unit. Everybody above that cushion will receive a bill for overuse and also a tip for energy conservation. Everybody below that line would receive credit.


Is renter's insurance required?

All residents are required to provide a minimum of $100,000.00 of liability insurance. You must provide proof of liability insurance by providing one of the following documents to your Community Office:
• Declaration Sheet
• Certificate of Coverage
• Confirmation of Coverage letter from agent or insurance company

Your policy must list the following as an interested party:
Lewis-McChord Communities, LLC
P.O. Box 115009
Carrolton, TX 75011-5009


Can I personalize my home?

You may paint your home to personalize your living space. When you leave housing the home must be restored to the original color.

You may also hang pictures or other generally accepted wall decorations, which shall be done with care so as not to cause damage to the Premises.


I am not stationed on JBLM; do I qualify to live on post?

Yes, if you stationed within a 50 mile radius of Joint Base Lewis- McChord.





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