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How do I qualify for PPV Housing?

Service members seeking PPV housing must have:

§  Navy, current orders and Page 2 (Record of Emergency Data)

§  Marines, current orders and NAVMC10922 (Dependency Application)

§  Army/Air Force, current orders and DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data)

§  Coast Guard, current orders and CG-4170 (Dependents Information Records)

How is my name placed on the housing waiting list?

Your name will be placed on the housing waiting list according to your control date, pay grade category, and number of bedrooms required. 

o submit a completed DD 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing) with a copy of PCS orders

o submit a certificate of dependencies (emergency data, DEERS enrollment) and detaching endorsement.

Can I apply for more than one housing area?

No, a member may not be placed or remain on more than one waiting list.

Can I change from one waiting list to another?

If an applicant is allowed to change from one waiting list to another, the date of eligibility will be the date of change to the new waiting list.

What happens if I decline an offer?

If a member declines an offer, my name will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

What is my bedroom entitlement?

Eligibility determination is based on both pay grade and family composition. Officers and E7’s and above are eligible for a minimum of three bedrooms, and other enlisted members are eligible for one bedroom per child.

What does “Freeze Zone” mean?

It is the top 10% of sponsors on each waiting list.

Once you attain status in the freeze zone, you cannot be displaced by new arrival or by sponsors transferring from another waiting list. There are exceptions, however, such as "Out of Turn Placement" or designated "Key and Essential" personnel.

Will I be required to sign a lease?

Yes, every resident of PPV Housing will be required to sign a six-month, renewable lease.

How will I sign a lease and other documentation if I am deployed/TAD?

You must designate a power of attorney (POA) or a special power of attorney to authorize someone else to sign the lease if you will be unavailable to do so in person. A general POA permits a third party to act in your name for most purposes, including, but not limited to, signing contracts. A special (or “limited”) power of attorney authorizes your attorney-in-fact to take only those actions described with specificity in the POA. A special POA is mandatory for certain things, such as the purchase or sale or real estate, and the third party with whom you or your attorney-in-fact is dealing may insist upon a special POA.

For purposes of signing the PPV lease, a general POA will suffice, but, by DoD regulation, a special POA is mandatory to start a pay allotment to the landlord for your rent payments. Therefore, if you intend to pay by allotment, you may conclude that a special POA for both purposes is preferable to a general POA that would grant broad powers and be subject to abuse. This does not constitute legal advice; you should contact your Navy Legal Services Office for further consultation and documentation preparation.

What is the pet policy?

A maximum of two (2) pets (dogs or cats) are permitted. Pet quantities exclude birds and fish. No Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Presa Canarios, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids or any mixes thereof will be permitted. No barnyard or exotic pets such as chickens, ducks, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles etc. will be allowed.

If I get immediate orders, can I move out without a 30-day notice?

The standard military clause permits early termination of the lease, but a 30-day notice is still required.

Will sub-leases be allowed?


How much rent will I pay and what will it include?

The total amount you pay will be set at your BAH rate, regardless the size of the home you live in. This amount will include rent and reasonable utilities. It will also include Renter’s Insurance (paid by the PPV Company with a $250.00 deductible), to cover your personal belongings up to $10,000. The PPV property Manager will provide all maintenance, pest control, and other necessary services.

If both spouses in a unit are service members, do they both “forfeit” BAH in PPV housing?

No, they will pay rent based on the “with dependent” rate of member with the higher BAH amount.

What happens if my family size increases?

The present guidelines regarding number of bedrooms still applies under PPV. You would go to the Housing Service Center (HSC) to be placed on the proper waiting list.

Am I eligible for a Household Goods Move?

When PPV housing is available upon arrival at Mechanicsburg, your PCS orders will move you into PPV housing. When PPV housing is not available upon arrival, to be eligible for a household goods move, you must place your name on the waiting list for PPV housing within 30 days of arrival.




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