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The entire dental implant process varies from person to person but can take months to complete. When the procedure is done, however, patients can expect to receive a diagnostic at first with a temporary crown before getting a permanent one a week later.

Your full recovery can take up to 6 months. Getting a dental implant means exacting the tooth, getting through the dental bone graft healing stages when necessary, and getting your new implant.

To determine whether or not you need a bone graft, your doctor will conduct a CT scan. This process is more common for those who have had a missing tooth for quite some time because bone loss can occur.

The final stage is the actual tooth implant process. This is when your crown is placed on an artificial root that is set into place in your jaw.

When you are in need of an entire new mouthful of teeth, the process can be completed in a day, depending on the person.

However, one-day procedures for a dental implant for a specific tooth often put patients at unnecessary risk and should be generally avoided.

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Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

Dental implants have the ability to last forever, with most surviving 10 to 15 years after the procedure. The biggest threat to survival occurs to the crown, which is at a higher risk of facing damage due to a crack or break than the implant itself. Keeping this in mind, dental implants provided through Dental First Care have a lifetime warranty so that your smile is always protected.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

The value of dental implants varies from person to person but for many, numerous benefits both in the short and long term apply.

Dental implants enhance eating comfort and provide a natural, healthy smile. Furthermore, implants facilitate easy cleaning and safeguard jaw health by preserving bone volume and density.

Overall, many dental professionals recommend dental implants to patients who are suffering to improve their quality of life making them a great solution for many dealing with missing teeth.

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Benefiting Your Oral Health

There are several benefits to the dental implant process. Below are some of the main benefits you might experience from the procedure:

  • It prevents deterioration and shrinking of your jawbone to help with your appearance and overall oral health.
  • Dental implants help improve or prevent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues more effectively than other tooth replacement methods.
  • You can chew food with greater ease.
  • Your overall quality of life can improve.

Dental Implants and Other Services for the Military in South Florida

No matter what your oral health needs, all deserve appropriate attention. Not only for comfort but to also prevent smaller issues from evolving into larger ones. However, where you receive care matters.

It’s not enough to find a dental care team that is near you or affordable. You’ll want to also be sure that you and your family receive the best technology and price around. At Dental First Care, you don’t have to compromise.

The team at Dental First Care is the leading clinic for oral healthcare, offering a range of services, including dental implants but also including the following:

  • X-rays and general dental checkups are available. You can even bring the kids for pediatric dentistry services.
  • Orthodontic care for the whole family (ages 9 to 85).
  • Cosmetic dentistry ranging from veneers to whitening to Invisalign.
  • Oral surgeries and root canals are never ideal. However, DFC has the environment, technology, and experience to make the process seamless.
  • Emergency dental care, periodontics, and much more are also available.

From the best implantologist in South Florida to unmatched technology, DFC is prepared to handle all of your family’s dental needs. Best of all, it’s all provided at an affordable price.

With multiple locations at 5810 S University Dr. Suite 128, Davie, FL 33328, and 9789 Glades Rd Unit 203, Boca Raton, FL 33434, and more still to come, dental care near you is available with ease.

Supporting the military community is at the heart of DFC’s mission. If you or a member of your family’s dental needs, contact Dental First Care to set up an appointment today!

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