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17 Of the Best Things to Do Near Davis-Monthan AFB
17 Of the Best Things to Do Near Davis-Monthan AFB17 Of the Best Things to Do Near Davis-Monthan AFB

17 Of the Best Things to Do Near Davis-Monthan AFB


Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is located just outside of Tucson, Arizona. There’s a smattering of major cities around the area and the gorgeous geography of canyons and badlands. Because of the available amenities and the plentiful outdoors, you’re going to find a ton of things to do and access during your time here on David-Monthan AFB.

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(1-4) Gyms
(5-6) Pools
(7) Bowling
(8-11) Sports
(12-15) Museums
(16-17) Outdoor Recreation

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COVID-19 Notice

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, venues, and parks may be temporarily closed or operating under restricted hours. Many, if not all, of the ones listed here, are likely subject to such restrictions for the time being though new re-openings and closings occur all the time. Therefore, a place we mention here may not currently be open or available for the time being. Check individual websites provided in each section or call to find out each place’s current hours and situation.

17 Things to Do Near Davis-Monthan AFB

Davis-Monthan Gym

Davis-Monthan Gym

1. Haeffner Fitness Center

6th St Bldg. 2505
Tucson, AZ 85707
Phone: 1 (520) 228-3714

The Haeffner Fitness Center on base is one of the Davis-Monthan AFB gyms you can frequent in your spare time. You can sign up for classes here, work out in the weight room or with the cardio equipment, and more. Highlights of this particular facility are that it hosts a cross-training room as well as the alpha warrior rig.

2. Benko Fitness Center

5200 Ironwood St Bldg. 2301
Tucson, AZ 85707
Phone: 1 (520) 228-0022

The Benko Fitness Center is another gym on base that features a fully functional fitness setup for all of your physical fitness needs. The gym features free weights and cardio equipment, along with state of the art fitness machines. The Benko Fitness Center also houses a munchkin room and indoor pool.


Tucson Southwest Boxing & MMA, Tucson, AZ

3. Tucson Southwest Boxing & MMA

3727 E 37th St
Tucson, AZ 85713
Phone: 1 (520) 271-4322

At Tucson Southwest Boxing & MMA, volunteer coaches and trainers take time out of their days to train youth fighters in boxing and mixed martial arts. They offer a number of classes that younger kids and teens can take advantage of, and are very highly rated by the community. Adults and families are welcome as well. This is an old-school boxing gym that’s about putting the work in and getting the results.

4. Transformation Gym

3820 S Palo Verde Rd
Tucson, AZ 85714
Phone: 1 (520) 807-2011

Transformation Gym is about working out in a group environment and having a community of support behind you to achieve the results you’re looking for. They offer tons of classes on lots of fitness activities like kettlebell, yoga, and even nutrition. They provide personal training and other community-focused initiatives like a workout of the day, along with open gym times for walk-ins. There’s a discount for current military and veterans.

Davis-Monthan Outdoor Pool

Davis-Monthan Outdoor Pool


5. Clements Swimming Pool

8155 E Poinciana Dr
Tucson, AZ 85730
Phone: 1 (520) 791-5785

Clements Swimming Pool is located on the campus of Pima Community College. It’s an outdoor pool with 7 lanes, a diving board, and a 144-foot water slide. Clements Swimming Pool is free to enter and to use the facilities. They have locker rooms and bathrooms for guests.

6. UA Campus Recreation Pool

1400 N Highland Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: 1 (520) 621-8719

This outdoor pool is on the University of Arizona campus. It’s an Olympic-sized pool and heated year-round to a comfortable water temperature in the low 80s. The pool is open to the community, featuring a ramp entrance and oasis lounge. It offers accessible facilities and an aquatic lift.

Davis-Monthan AFB Bowling Alley

Davis-Monthan AFB Bowling Alley

8. Davis-Monthan Lanes

3203 Davis Monthan AFB
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: 1 (520) 228-3461

Davis-Monthan Lanes is a family-friendly bowling alley that features 20 lanes with state of the art equipment and features, including projection screens. Davis-Monthan Lanes also houses the Head Pin Cafe restaurant, with a full menu for whatever you’re hungering for as you work up your appetite slinging your balls down the lane. The Sports Hub sports bar is also on-site, where you can get beer on tap from local brewers and watch ongoing games on the many TVs.

Tucson Arizona Sports

Tucson Sports


9. Todd M. Harris Sports Complex

2400 S Craycroft Rd
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: 1 (520) 791-4870

The Todd M. Harris Sports Complex is operated by the city of Tucson and named for a local man who lost his life during Operation Enduring Freedom while serving in Afghanistan. The complex houses a large park with softball fields, drinking fountains, grills, picnic tables, and more. You’ll also find bike racks, playgrounds, and shade. There are public restrooms available.

10. Diamondback Shooting Sports

7030 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
Phone: 1 (520) 886-8338

Diamondback Shooting Sports is a store and gun range. Buy supplies here, or come by for target practice. They offer full service rentals, so just show up and let them take care of you. Stop by for one of their firearms training courses and brush up on your skills. The store also offers gunsmith services, consignment, and layaway.

11. Desert Fox Paintball

9651 S Houghton Rd
Tucson, AZ 85747
Phone: 1 (520) 574-9232

Desert Fox Paintball offers a huge field full of obstacles and hidden areas. They rent all the equipment you’ll need at reasonable prices, or you can bring your own. You can come by on the weekend anywhere between 0900 and 1300, or call to reserve a time during the week.

Davis-Monthan Museum

Davis-Monthan Museum


12. Pima Air and Space Museum

6000 E Valencia Rd
Tucson, AZ 85756
Phone: 1 (520) 574-0462

The Pima Air and Space Museum is an enormous complex with 6 hangers and 350 aircraft on display. Three of those hangers feature aircraft for World War II alone. Most of the museum is accessible and wheelchairs are available. Military discounts are provided. Come by to get a tour of the history of flight from its humble beginnings.

13. Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum

4823 S 6th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85714
Phone: 1 (520) 294-3636

The Tucson Rodeo and Parade Museum follows the history of the Tucson Rodeo Parade, founded in 1925 and featuring all non-motorized vehicles. The museum is a history of transportation in Tucson. It features over 100 horse-drawn vehicles like wagons, buggies, and carriages in its 4 display buildings.

14. Tucson Museum of Art

140 N Main Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: 1 (520) 624-2333

The Tucson Museum of Art is a visual arts museum offering a number of exhibits and tours. They offer multiple shows on Latin American art from a historical and contemporary vantage. There are also exhibits on modern art and art unique to Arizona.

15. Children’s Museum Tucson

200 S 6th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: 1 (520) 792-9985

Children’s Museum Tucson offers hands-on learning experiences for children in a safe and fun environment. They offer pop-in play dates with open access to the whole museum on Friday and Saturday evenings. There are tons of fun things to do here, like wander through the butterfly garden, the music garden, learn about electricity, gravity, and more. There’s a curiosity courtyard for outdoor fun as well.

Davis-Monthan Outdoor Rec

Davis-Monthan Outdoor Rec


16. Kartchner Caverns State Park

2980 S Hwy 90
Benson, AZ 85602
Phone: 1 (520) 586-4100

Kartchner Caverns are limestone caves in the Whetstone Mountains that were made into a state park by the Kartchner family. Several different tours of the caves are offered for visitors. The park itself is available for camping and cabin rentals.


17. Tucson Mountain Park

8451 W McCain Loop
Tucson, AZ 85735
Phone: 1 (520) 883-4200

Tucson Mountain Park offers scenic vistas with over 62 miles of trails. Check out Gate Pass Overlook and its historic displays. Bring the family and come by for a picnic at the available tables. Archery hunting is allowed here in season and with a license.

17 Of the Best Things to Do Near Davis-Monthan AFB


Davis-Monthan AFB is surrounded by civilization and the natural world alike and there’s plenty to do here for everyone’s tastes. Restaurants of all flavors and cultures line the streets of nearby Tucson, and vast outdoors welcomes all wildlife lovers into its embrace. Just steps from base you’ll find everything you need to keep you entertained during your time at Davis-Monthan.


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