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A Bradley Fighting Vehicle waits for a 1947 Buick Roadmaster and other vintage and contemporary military, commercial and private vehicles and motorcycles to pass by before it joins the cruise. The vehicles were taking part in Detroit Arsenal’s first Cruisin’ at the D auto show and cruise. (Photo by Cathy Segal, September 2016)

Housing Services Office

Whether you plan on renting, buying or leasing a home, all military personnel (both family and bachelor) should report to the Housing Services Office prior to making any arrangements. The HSO can help you find suitable off-base housing accommodations in the Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County areas. Guidance and assistance will also be provided to help you make sound housing decisions and ensure that appropriate consideration is given to military clauses and customer needs. The HSO is in Building 232, rooms 1301 and 1303, and may be reached at 586-282-8178/9627.

Military Family Housing

On-base government housing is not available at Detroit Arsenal. Contact the Housing Services Office for off-base housing assistance at 586-282-8178/9627.

Unaccompanied Housing

Single service member housing (barracks) is not available at Detroit Arsenal. It is recommended that all single service members report to the Housing Services Office before any permanent living arrangements are made. Contact the HSO at 586-282-8178/9627.

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