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Park Your RV at MacDill AFB FamCamp
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Park Your RV at MacDill AFB FamCamp

Florida weather may be hot and muggy, but it’s also perfect for year-round camping! MacDill AFB FamCamp offers outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for some bonding time a great (and cheap) opportunity to enjoy camping without having to leave the base. Keep reading to see how to take advantage of the amazing FamCamp on your installation.

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MacDill AFB FamCamp Is a Full-Service Camping Spot

MacDill’s FamCamp is a lot better than any other RV site or campground you’ll come across off base. The FamCamp MacDill AFB RV park has everything you need and want from a camping spot – plus a little bit more.

Year-round, you can enjoy one of their 359 camping sites, all of which offer waste disposal, electricity, water, cable TV, and even telephone service. If you want to rough it and have a more primal camping experience, there are also 21 partial-service spots with just water and electric. For the ultimate camping experience, there’s a simple tent camping area, too.

MacDill AFB FamCamp Reservations

Already sold? We don’t blame you! Getting ready to camp is made easy with the MacDill FamCamp reservation system. All you need to do is present your insurance for your RV, your RV’s registration, and your pet’s shot records, if you’re bringing along your furry friend.

You can only make a reservation if you have an authorized sponsor’s DoD number. You can make reservations over the phone or by visiting their on-base location. You can also send their office an email for more information.

MacDill AFB FamCamp Address
9907 Marina Bay Dr.
Bldg #612
MacDill AFB, FL 33621
Phone: 1 (813) 840-6919 or 1 (813) 840-6920

MacDill AFB FamCamp Cost

Rental pricing for slots on the campground is incredibly affordable, but the pricing will depend on what time of year it is and what kind of hook-up you’re looking for (full-service, partial, dry, or tent).

Full Service


  • $18/daily


  • $23/daily



  • $17/daily


  • $21/daily

Dry Camp


  • $13/daily

Tent Site


  • $9/daily


  • $10/daily

FamCampers Can Save More at FamCamp MacDill AFB

One of the greatest parts of camping at MacDill AFB is their FamCamp Savers Card offering. If you sign up for the FamCamp Savers Card, you can take advantage of incredible rewards from November through March, like:

  • 50% off boat rentals on Wednesdays.
  • 12 FREE bowling games per month with FREE shoe rental.
  • 2 FREE golf cart rentals per month.
  • 5 FREE skeet rounds per month.
  • 4 FREE medium-sized buckets of golf balls for the driving range per month.

Camp With MacDill AFB FamCamp Today

The prices are great, the hook-ups are many, and the convenience is unbeatable. If you check out the MacDill AFB FamCamp Welcome Guide, you’ll find even more tantalizing amenities that’ll convince you to stay. So, get out there and enjoy everything your installation has to offer!

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