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17 of the Best MCAS Yuma Things To Do
17 Of the Best MCAS Yuma Things to Do17 Of the Best MCAS Yuma Things to Do

17 of the Best MCAS Yuma Things To Do


You’ve received orders to MCAS Yuma, driven across the country into the heart of the desert and now you’re all unpacked. Now what? Well, despite being a fairly small border town in the middle of the desert, there’s a lot of amenities here! MCAS Yuma, while small by most standards, has plenty of things to do and out in town there is hiking, rafting, offroading, and more to experience. Here’s a shortlist just to get you started.

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(1-4) Outdoor Recreation
(5) Bowling
(6) Base Theater
(7) Auto Hobby Shop
(8) Gyms
(9-17) Yuma Attractions

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COVID-19 Notice

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, venues, and parks may be temporarily closed or operating under restricted hours. Many, if not all, of the ones listed here, are likely subject to such restrictions for the time being though new re-openings and closings occur all the time. Therefore, a place we mention here may not currently be open or available for the time being. Check individual websites provided in each section or call to find out each place’s current hours and situation.

MCAS Yuma Things to Do

MCAS Yuma Outdoor Recreation

1. Arizona Adventures

Bldg. 562 Halstead Ave.
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-2848

Arizona Adventures offers equipment rental for fishing, water sports, boating, hiking, biking, camping and more! Whether you’re taking a big camping trip or just need some extra equipment for a backyard BBQ, they’ve got you covered.

2. Oasis Pool

Bldg. 685
Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-2926

This all-inclusive and enjoyable water park is great for all ages with a full pool for exercise or lounging, kids splash zone and water slides.


3. Yuma Paintball Park

1205 Post St.
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 1 (866) 985-4932

Open for parties and groups, this paintball park offers group packages, rentals, and lots of high-intensity fun!

4. Gateway Park

E 1st St. & S. Gila St.
Yuma, AZ 85364

Located by the historic Ocean to Ocean Bridge near Yuma’s downtown area, the park is a lovely setting for a family outing by the Colorado River banks.

MCAS Yuma Bowling Alley

MCAS Yuma Bowling Alley

5. Sunset Lanes & Grill

Bldg. 673
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-5585

The bowling center features a snack bar, pro-shop, and bookings for parties and events. Come in and enjoy a beer with friends over a friendly game!

MCAS Yuma Movie Theater

6. Sunset Cinema

Bldg. 672
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-5585

The base theater shows the latest movies as well as familiar classics at very low prices. There is a full concession stand to enjoy your favorite snacks while you watch!

MCAS Yuma Auto Hobby Shop

7. Auto Skills Center

Bldg. 564
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-5765

If you like working on cars, this auto hobby shop offers bay rentals where everyone from beginners to experienced self-help enthusiasts can rent tools and ask professional mechanics for instructions to fix or upgrade their car for cheap.

MCAS Yuma Gym

MCAS Yuma Gym

MCAS Yuma offers a full fitness center and gymnasium as well as a huge outdoor HIIT area.

Note: All gyms are currently affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to call ahead to verify modified hours and COVID restrictions.

8. MCAS Yuma Gym

Bldg. 545
MCAS Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-2727

The gym offers indoor cardio machines and equipment, a full gymnasium, locker room, and combat room with boxing equipment, jiu-jitsu mats and classes. The outdoor area is large and covered with shade featuring a full HIIT facility with bumper weights, machines, benches, pullup bars, ropes, and everything you need.

MCAS Yuma Attractions

MCAS Yuma Attractions

9. MCAS Yuma ITT Office

Building 965
Yuma, AZ, 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 269-5300

MCAS Yuma Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT) is your one-stop shop for all of your destinations. The ITT office has discount tickets for attractions nationwide such as theme parks, dinner theater shows, museums, aquariums and more. This office is a great resource for seeking out new adventures and area information.

10. McGarr Pool

Pollard Street
Goodfellow AFB, TX 76908
Phone: 1 (325) 654-3225

The McGarr Pool is a lap pool with two slides, available for military personnel and guests ages 5 and up. It can be reserved for pool parties on a seasonal basis. Open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


11. Off-roading

If you spend any time in Yuma, you’ll see plenty of people driving souped-up dune buggies and dirt bikes out into the desert. There are limitless trails and areas for off-road trips and the Arizona Adventures on base can rent you equipment and provide trail maps for your Baja adventure.

12. Hiking

Yuma is surrounded by mountains in every direction. This means great hiking trails for all ability levels with incredible desert views across the border, to the Salton Sea, and across the wide, empty desert and Chocolate Mountains.

13. Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

220 N. Prison Hill Rd.
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: 1 (928) 783-4771

First used in 1876, the prison was built by the prisoners themselves. Now a museum, the prison houses exhibits detailing the harsh conditions endured by these frontier prisoners.

14. Castle Dome Mines Museum & Ghost Town

Castle Dome Rd.
Yuma, AZ 85369
Phone: 1 (928) 920-3062

An honest-to-goodness ghost town from the 1870s which surrounded the mines and river mills along the Colorado River.

15. Colorado River

The Colorado River offers excellent watersport activities like boating, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing. Multiple tour groups in the area including the Arizona Adventures on base offer trips to tube down the river while you enjoy a cooler of beer with your friends!

16. Waylon’s Water World

4446 E. County 10th St.
Yuma, AZ 85365
Phone: 1 (928) 726-6000

Beat the desert heat with this fun-filled family park complete with rafting rides, slides, tide pools and more!

17. Slab City

If you’re into a strange adventure, head deep into the desert and check out the world-famous and unique Slab City. This squatter’s paradise is a modern-day bohemian camp of squatters, artists, migrants, snowbirds, and outsiders living in a free and wild microcosm.


MCAS Yuma is just a few hours from Phoenix or San Diego along the intersections of the California-Arizona-Mexican borders. This offers a lot of unique attractions of all sorts. We hope this guide helps get you started in exploring your new home. Do be sure to pack plenty of water and sunscreen. The desert can be unforgiving to the unprepared but rewarding to those who plan ahead!

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