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17 of the Best Mountain Home AFB Things To Do (2022 Edition)
17 Of the Best Mountain Home AFB Things to Do17 Of the Best Mountain Home AFB Things to Do

17 of the Best Mountain Home AFB Things To Do (2022 Edition)


Your new home at Mountain Home Air Force Base is surrounded by the stark beauty of the Idaho high desert. You’ll be about an hour south of Boise, Idaho with plenty of options of things to do both in the city and the surrounding countryside near Mountain Home AFB. Whether you like fishing, hunting, or are a historical enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of activities in the area. The community is welcoming and has a great working relationship with personnel from the base.

We have organized activities into categories below; click any of them to jump to the section if you already know what you want to do around Mountain Home AFB.

(1-3) Golfing
(4-6) Gyms
(7-8) Movie Theaters
(9-10) Bowling Alleys
(11-14) Outdoor Recreation
(15-17) Museums

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Mountain Home AFB Things to Do

Mountain Home AFB Golf Course

Silver Sage Golf Course, Mountain Home AFB, ID

1. Silver Sage Golf Course

660 Silver Sage
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
Phone: 1 (208) 828-6151

Right on base, Silver Sage Golf Course provides a challenging par 72 course set in the high desert of Idaho. Originally designed by Bob E. Baldock, the course is also home to Hackers Bistro, a popular lunch spot, and a pro shop on site.

Mountain Home

2. Desert Canyon Golf Course

1880 E 8th N.
Mountain Home, ID 83647
Phone: 1 (208) 587-3293

Desert Canyon Golf Course is an 18-hole course with wide-open views of the surrounding high desert. They are open year-round in the nearby city of Mountain Home and take reservations to play up to one week in advance. Here you’ll find a driving range, a restaurant and bar called Kurly’s On the Green, and a pro shop.


3. Indian Lakes Golf Club

4700 S Umatilla Ave,
Boise, ID 83709
Phone: 1 (208) 362-5771

Driving north to Boise, Idaho, you’ll find the scenic Indian Lakes Golf Club. This picturesque golf course offers 18 holes that are designed to be a fun day out for golfers of any skill level. The course has a clubhouse with a restaurant and a pro shop.

Mountain Home AFB Gym

Mountain Home AFB Gym

4. Gunfighter Fitness Center

385 Aardvark Avenue
Bldg. 2371
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
Phone: 1 (208) 828-2381

On base, the Gunfighter Fitness Center contributes to the quality of life and readiness of all personnel. The Fitness Center offers a wide range of activities for both fitness and recreation, including a cardio theater, weight training room, group aerobic workouts, racquetball courts, and a basketball court.

Mountain Home

5. Peak Fitness Mountain Home

1025 W 6th S.
Mountain Home, ID 83647
Phone: 1 (208) 488-4744

Peak Fitness has multiple locations, and all are 24-hour facilities that were established in 2018. They pride themselves as a family-friendly gym that provides a variety of equipment for cardio, free weight, and machine workouts.

6. Anytime Fitness

2600 American Legion Blvd.
Mountain Home, ID 83647
Phone: 1 (208) 587-4122

Anytime Fitness is another 24-hour gym that provides fitness beyond just the walls of the building. They help you create a complete fitness and wellness plan that incorporates nutrition and recovery while keeping you motivated with personal coaching.

Mountain Home AFB Movie Theater

Mountain Home AFB Movie Theater

7. Gunfighter Theatre

420 Gunfighter Ave.
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
Phone: 1 (208) 828-2431

Gunfighter Theatre is a movie theater right on base that offers a wide range of movies for weekend viewing. You can also rent out the space for a special event. They offer popcorn, candy, and drinks at the snack bar.


8. Regal Edwards Boise

7701 W Overland Rd.
Boise, ID 83709
Phone: 1 (844) 462-7342

Regal Edwards is a well-known movie chain, and a quick drive up to Boise North of the base will get you access to one of the larger movie theaters in the area. They present blockbusters and indie films alike in their theaters, some of which are IMAX, 4DX, and ScreenX.

Mountain Home AFB Bowling Alley

9. Strikers Bowling Center

680 Falcon St.
Bldg. 2805
Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
Phone: 1 (208) 828-6329

A 16-lane bowling alley, Strikers Bowling Center is one of the most popular spots on base. They operate with both open and league bowling and provide an IBPSIA-certified pro shop for anything you might need. And it’s great for bowlers of all skill levels as each lane has optional bumpers.

Mountain Home

Freedom Lanes, Mountain Home, ID

10. Freedom Lanes

830 N 2nd E
Mountain Home, ID 83647
Phone: 1 (208) 587-4448

Freedom Lanes is a bowling alley in Mountain Home owned and operated by a retired Navy Chief since 2004. There to serve the local community and families in the area, Freedom Lanes is more than just bowling with open and league play; they also serve up some of the best pizza in town.

Mountain Home AFB Outdoor Recreation

Grand View

11. Trueblood Wildlife Area by Mark Dunn, Dunn & Bradstreet

Grand View, ID 83624
Phone: 1 (208) 845-2324

A short little drive southwest out of Mountain Home AFB will take you to Trueblood Wildlife Area. This peaceful spot is a great place for hiking along the Snake River and birdwatching, with the mountains in the background as a great backdrop.


Bruneau Dunes State Park, Bruneau, ID

12. Bruneau Dunes State Park

27608 Bruneau Sand Dunes Rd.
Bruneau, ID 83604
Phone: 1 (208) 366-7919

For a great day out in the outdoors or for an extended camping trip, Bruneau Dunes State Park is hard to beat in the area. Both campsites and cabins are available in a park that has one of the longest camping seasons in the Idaho Park system. The park boasts the tallest single-structured sand dune in North America, rising 470 feet above the desert surface. Be ready to explore the dunes on a hike or ride down them on sandboards from the Visitor Center.

Glenns Ferry

13. Three Island Crossing State Park

1083 S Three Island Park Dr.
Glenns Ferry, ID 83623
Phone: 1 (208) 366-2394

Set where the 19th century Oregon Trail pioneers crossed Snake River, Three Island Crossing State Park allows you to get into the great outdoors and take a step back in time. The park offers campgrounds, cabins, picnic areas, and runs historical interpretive programs to showcase what life looked like for the trailblazers that made their way through the area over a century ago.


Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, Boise, ID

14. Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

3948 Development Ave.
Boise, ID 83705
Phone: 1 (208) 384-3300

Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey NCA is a vast and rustic canyon preserve that attracts birdwatchers of all ages to catch a glimpse of the nesting falcons, owls, eagles, and hawks that make the area their home.

Mountain Home AFB Museums

Grand View

15. Lawson’s Emu-Z-Um

22142 River Rd.
Grand View, ID 83624
Phone: 1 (208) 834-2397

Lawson’s Emu-Z-Um is a family friendly museum that showcases the early settlement of Owyhee county and southern Idaho. Artifacts from the 1800’s and early 20th century are showcased in the exhibits here.


16. Bruneau Dunes State Park Observatory

27608 Sand Dunes Rd.
Bruneau, ID 83647
Phone: 1 (208) 366-7919

The Bruneau Dunes State Park Observatory is open to the public from early April through mid October with Observatory nights where you can gaze at the stars on Friday and Saturday nights. Tours and solar viewing begin one hour before sunset.


Children’s Museum of Idaho, Meridian, ID

17. Children’s Museum of Idaho

790 S Progress Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642
Phone: 1 (208) 345-1920

The Children’s Museum of Idaho is north of the base in Boise and provides an excellent outing with the kids for hands on exhibits and a chance to unplug, play, and learn.


Whether you like to relax and spend your day birdwatching or enjoy exploring the history of the settlers that moved through the area, we are sure that your posting at Mountain Home AFB will be surrounded by plenty of things to do. You will find your favorite spots, and be sure to talk to the locals for more great things to do around your new base.


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