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17 of the Best NS Mayport Restaurants (2022 Edition)
17 of the Best NS Mayport Restaurants17 of the Best NS Mayport Restaurants

17 of the Best NS Mayport Restaurants (2022 Edition)


Welcome to Naval Station Mayport, one of the three major naval installations in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.  While docked at Naval Station Mayport, your home will be one of the busiest seaports in the nation, as well as an air facility. Tons of great NS Mayport restaurants await in Jacksonville; you’ll have plenty of seafood options to choose from, as well as Southern food and authentic Mexican restaurants.

You can basically eat your way through the Jacksonville area if you have the time. But first, you might want to get an idea of where to start your food journey in and around Naval Station Mayport. Here’s a list of some of the tastiest and closest Mayport restaurants to start your search.

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Naval Station Mayport Restaurants

You will find multiple dining options on base. Read on for information about fast food, a place to grab a cold beer, or just some delicious pizza.

Naval Station Mayport Food Court Restaurants

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, you should call prior to visiting any dining facilities on the installation, including the galley, Naval Station Mayport restaurants, and NEX Food Services

Naval Station Mayport Main Navy Exchange Food Court
Bldg. 1900
2292 Mayport Road #50
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 242-3263

The Main NEX at Naval Station Mayport has a small food court across from the Mayport Fitness Center with the following options:

1. Subway

Phone: 1 (904) 241-2967

2. Taco Bell

Phone: 1 (904) 241-2967

MWR Restaurants and Dining on Naval Station Mayport

MWR Restaurants and Dining on Naval Station Mayport

The Naval Station Mayport MWR page has all of the information about hours of operation and availability for Mayport restaurants on base.

3. Oasis Galley

337 Bailey Ave.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 270-5373

The Oasis Galley is open for all enlisted and authorized personnel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, including holidays. The galley offers a variety of choices to fit dietary needs. Call for more information.

4. Bogey’s Restaurant

1981 Maine St.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 270-5143

The Windy Harbor Golf Club offers more than just beautiful greens to play on. You can also grab a quick bite to eat during breakfast and lunch at Bogey’s Restaurant. The restaurant is open seven days a week and offers a full bar and catering options, and the food is definitely up to par.

5. BBQ Barn

245 Baltimore St.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 804-4227

If you’re hungry while hanging out beachside at the Beacon, never fear! BBQ Barn is here… to satisfy your hunger! Eat lunch or dinner with a view, or grab some delicious barbecue fare to go. Don’t be alarmed by the name; the BBQ Barn comes highly rated courtesy of the NextDoor app and Jacksonville Restaurant Association.

6. Foc’sle Lounge

1893 Baltimore St.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 270-5431

CPOs gather for great food and good times overlooking the ocean at Foc’sle Lounge inside the CPO Club. The lounge is open to all hands for lunch from Tuesday through Friday. Build your own burger, enjoy some fried food in a basket, or eat some healthier fare if you’re in the mood for it. Don’t forget to inquire about the daily specials.

7. Loggerheads Pub

245 Baltimore St.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 270-7205

When the sun goes down or you’re ready to move the party from the beach, hit up Loggerheads Pub. You can catch the sports game of the season or a UFC fight on one of the large-screen TVs. Enjoy daily drink specials and good times, seven days a week.

8. Seaglass Wine Bar

243 Baltimore St.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 270-3746

It doesn’t get any chicer than Seaglass Wine Bar. Seaglass has more to offer than just beautiful ocean views and an ample wine list. You can also enjoy brunch, craft cocktails, or small bites after work. Seaglass is open in the afternoons on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

9. Spinz Handmade Food

244 Baltimore St.
Naval Station Mayport, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 270-5377

Hit the lanes at Pinz and grab some delicious handmade food at Spinz. Whether you’re craving a burger, loaded pizza, or hot wings, they’ve got you covered. You can also get food to go or delivered to your doorstep if you’re living in on-base housing.

Naval Station Mayport, Florida, Restaurants

Naval Station Mayport, Florida, Restaurants

Top 5 Yelp-Reviewed Restaurants

10. Hangar Bay Cafe

2294 Mayport Road
Suite 22
Jacksonville, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 247-3301

Hangar Bay Cafe is one of the military-themed, Veteran-owned Mayport restaurants on Mayport Road near base. The small cafe serves up interesting takes on comfort food, like the hellfire ramen and curry ramen. You’ll leave Hangar Bay with a full heart and stomach.

11. Singleton’s Seafood Shack

4728 Ocean St.
Jacksonville, FL 32233
Phone: 1 (904) 246-4442

Another delicious Mayport seafood restaurant to check out is Singleton’s Seafood Shack. The decor is a bit dated, but the seafood is divine. Diners rave about the fresh and fried oysters, scallops, and fried shrimp. It’s hailed as one of the best fish camps in Florida.

12. Mi Veracruz Restaurant

3109 Spring Park Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone: 1 (904) 396-2626

It can be difficult to find an authentic Mexican restaurant in Florida, but Mi Veracruz Restaurant comes pretty darn close. The arroz con pollo, tamales, and fish tacos are delicious and will leave you wanting to come back for more. And unlike most Mexican restaurants near Jacksonville, FL, you won’t break the bank here or waste your whole lunch hour waiting for your food.

13. Sandollar Restaurant and Marina

9716 Heckscher Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Phone: 1 (904) 251-2449

Looking to couple a fun night out with some mouthwatering seafood? You’re in luck! Sandollar Restaurant and Marina offers a scenic view of the St. Johns River, local cuisine (including that aforementioned seafood), live music, and crafted cocktails.

14. Southern Charm

3566 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone: 1 (904) 517-3637

Southern Charm, with no affiliation to the reality show of the same name, serves up hot and delicious soul food, just like (someone’s) grandma used to make. Southern Charm is known for its comfort food: fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, fried green tomatoes, grits, and fried shrimp. Is your mouth watering yet?

Top 3 TripAdvisor-Reviewed Restaurants

Top 3 TripAdvisor-Reviewed Restaurants

15. Pink Salt Restaurant and Wine Bar

1430 San Marco Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone: 1 (904) 551-4289

Take your date night up a notch by heading to Pink Salt Restaurant and Wine Bar. The Caribbean food is elegantly prepared and presented. You’ll earn major brownie points and get to enjoy delicious food at the same time. It’s a win-win.

16. RH Rooftop Restaurant

4831 Village Shops Way
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Phone: 1 (904) 730-1474

Enjoy elegance, ambience, and views for days at RH Rooftop Restaurant. The delicious food and excellent wine selection don’t hurt. This is the place you reserve for the extra-special occasions – an anniversary, golden birthday, or maybe even a Saturday night when you just want to splurge on a steak or lobster roll.

17. The Bread and Board

100 W. Bay St.
Suite 101
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 1 (904) 862-6992

The Bread and Board offers fast food with fresh ingredients. This isn’t your usual sandwich shop. They offer artfully crafted sandwiches like the shawarma-style chicken, Vietnamese sticky shrimp banh mi, and crispy cajun fish sandwiches. It’s true what they say: The best sandwiches are made for you.


Seafood (preferably fried and fresh) is everything to those living in Jacksonville. If you’re still on the hunt for something delicious to eat, visit Jacksonville’s official visitor’s guide to NS Mayport restaurants nearby. The area around Naval Station Mayport is chock full of yummy cuisine to try. There’s bound to be something to help you and your taste buds feel at home again.

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