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There’s nothing better than waking up on a cool weekend morning, putting on your hunting gear, and trekking out to the woods. If you’re someone who knows what we’re talking about and you’re stationed at Fort Campbell, let us introduce you to iSportsman Fort Campbell. This is the online hub for all things Fort Campbell hunting and fishing. Keep reading to see how it can make every hunt easier and more enjoyable than ever.

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What Is iSportsman Fort Campbell?

Fort Campbell iSportsman is an online portal managed by Fort Campbell Fish and Wildlife. There’s a lot to the program that can’t be summed up in one sentence, which is why we’re here. With a Fort Campbell iSportsman account, you can access outdoor recreation permits, see the available activities for base, check out real-time maps for hunting, fishing, and other recreational goings-on, explore important forms, check up on recreational regulations, keep up with on-base recreation news, and more. Sound like something you’re interested in? Let’s dive in even more to make sure the name iSportsman Fort Campbell really sticks.

Get Your Fort Campbell Fishing License and Hunting License Here

It can be a bit confusing to know where to go to get your fishing and hunting permits. Under the “Permits” section of the top menu, Fort Campbell iSportsman has provided you with direct links to sites where you can get your recreational permits. Since Fort Campbell is located across two states – Tennessee and Kentucky – you’ll have to get a permit for the state in which you’ll be hunting (or just get one for both states). Both states’ wildlife resources websites are listed, which will take you directly to where you need to be. Still not sure if you need a Tennessee or Kentucky license? Check out the next amazing offering from iSportsman on our list.

Fort Campbell Hunting iSportsman Maps Leave Nothing to Chance

Take your pick – interactive or PDF. Both maps are available on the iSportsman website to provide you with an all-encompassing and incredibly useful overview of Fort Campbell fishing areas, hunting areas, and other activities located across the base. Choose the PDF map to get a clear overview of where your chosen hunting spot is. These are great for double-checking which state’s hunting and fishing licenses you need to get. They’re also incredibly handy for printing out and taking with you on your adventure. Perhaps our favorite part of the iSportsman portal, however, is its interactive map. By clicking “Maps” and then “Interactive Area Map” in the upper menu, you’ll be taken to a color-coded map that shows every hunting, fishing, and recreational spot on the base that you can visit. The interactive map saves you a lot of time and hassle by letting you know what’s open and what’s not before you get to a hunting or fishing spot just to be told that it’s closed or full and you have to go right home. You can see current statuses and forecasts for spots up to a week ahead of time.

Fishing, Hunting, Fort Campbell, and Dates You Need To Know

Click on the “Areas” tab on the top menu to explore all the hunting opportunities on base and see if they’re open on select dates. Currently, here are the recreational activities being offered by the base:
  • Game scouting
  • Small game hunting
  • Deer hunting
  • Bow hunting
  • Turkey hunting
  • Raccoon hunting
  • Fishing
  • ROV courses
Looking for opportunities in hog hunting? Fort Campbell doesn’t currently offer any official hog hunting locations, but if you do see a wild hog, you’re encouraged to report it via the HazRDS App. Here, you can also report fire ants, UXOs, and trash. If you do take part in Fort Campbell deer hunting, turkey hunting, or fishing, you’re asked to review bag limits and report your harvest. You can find the links for reporting at the bottom of the home page of iSportsman Fort Campbell. If you have any questions about bag limits or harvest reporting, you can contact the Fort Campbell Fish and Wildlife phone number or visit their office in person:

Fort Campbell Fish and Wildlife

6645 101st Airborne Division Road


: 1 (270) 798-9824

All Outdoorsmen Need To Sign Up With iSportsman

iSportsman Fort Campbell takes the guesswork out of your hunt. Everything is straightforward, easy to find, and right at your fingertips with this portal. Visit the site and make your account today!

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