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If you’re an enthusiast of outdoor recreation, JBER just made things a whole lot easier for you. The iSportsman JBER portal is an all-encompassing offering from the base that allows you to seamlessly take part in hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation activities on base with a lot less hassle. Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

iSportsman JBER Puts Outdoor Rec in Your Hands

Many bases offer iSportsman as part of their outdoor recreation program, but if you’ve never been at an installation with an iSportsman offering, you’re going to lament your next posting without it! JBER iSportsman, specifically, offers everything a hunter, fisher, off-roader, or general enjoyer of all things outdoors would ever want. Right on the iSportsman JBER landing page, you’ll find the latest updates regarding area access, new regulations, and recreational news. From there, you can log in, check into and out of recreational spots, purchase hunting and fishing licenses, explore live area maps, and more. Let’s dive into the specifics!

iSportsman JBER Area Maps

A favorite offering from the iSportsman portal across the board is their area maps. First off, they have PDF printable maps of all hunting and fishing areas on the base for you to take with you on your journey. The real star of the show, however, is the iSportsman JBER live, interactive map. When you open the map, you may be a bit overwhelmed at first with the sheer amount of color blocks on the screen. However, if you open up the legend in the bottom right corner, you’ll see all the information you need for a smooth and fun outing. Different areas available for recreational activities on base are given different colors based on a variety of factors.
  • GREEN - open areas
  • YELLOW - open only to DoD cardholders
  • TRANSLUCENT RED - closed areas
  • BRIGHT RED - fully off-limits and perpetually closed
  • ORANGE - impacted areas and perpetually closed
The color blocks change by day, and, much like an interactive weather radar, you can set the map to view available recreational spots up to two days ahead of time, so you can plan early! Different trails also receive their own highlights, and camping spots, visitor centers, and gates are also marked with their own icons.

iSportsman JBER Regulations and More

When you’re ready for a new adventure in hunting or fishing, you’ll need to sign into that area on the iSportsman portal. You can do so by visiting the website and clicking “Sign In/Out” on the top toolbar once you’ve created your account. Upon signing out, you may also be asked to report any harvest you took during your time in the area. Another popular outing on the base revolves around recreational vehicles and snowmobiles. If you plan on taking out your ORV (off-road recreational vehicle) or snowmobile, it must be registered in the state and insured. For ORV users, you will also be required to take the ATV Safety Institute’s RiderCourse before you’ll be allowed onto any trails. In the recreational areas around base, you may come across moose and bears. You are stationed in Alaska, after all! As such, the portal has an entire page dedicated to wildlife safety. Before heading out on any adventure, read through this thoroughly to keep yourself and anyone coming along with you safe. If you have an emergency after hours, contact one of the following institutions:

Conservation Law Enforcement Duty


: 1 (907) 903-6892

Military Conservation Agent Standby


: 1 (907) 947-1145

Have Fun!

This portal is designed to make life easier for all outdoor enthusiasts, so go out and enjoy your time! iSportsman JBER has you covered.

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