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Moving with pets is difficult no matter what but for the military community, there are added struggles and unique hurdles to clear. Military PCS pet reimbursement is now available in an effort to help warfighters and their families remain whole. However, PCS pet reimbursement does have its terms and limitations you’ll need to be aware of. There are military pet transport companies available, but you’ll need to prepare for potential out-of-pocket costs among other financial ramifications. Below, we’re diving into pet transport for military members.

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Can I Deduct Pet Expenses PCS Move?

Military PCS pet reimbursement is available, however, you can also deduct your expenses when you move. Military members can deduct related expenses among other moving costs.

This may look a bit differently for each individual and you’ll want to consult a licensed financial advisor before making any major tax decisions. However, saving your receipts for reasonable expenses is a great way to deduct from your bill during tax season.

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Does the Government Cover Pet Fees During PCS in the Military?

On June 21, 2023, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) approved a policy to allow reimbursement for pet expenses when PCSing. The DoD news release went into effect on January 1, 2024, and applies to a PCS with pets within the continental United States as well as those serving elsewhere in the world.

The new policy provides an allowance for members of the American Armed Forces up to $550 to cover military pet transportation for one cat or dog inside the continental U.S. and as much as $2,000 for moves to or from locations outside of it. While there are many pet transportation options out there, CitizenShipper is a company that you can trust with your pets. Be sure to request a quote today.

This new DoD policy is a welcomed addition to those facing a military PCS with pets and aims to alleviate the financial burden of moving for pet owners. Historically, troops that need to move with pets would either make other accommodations or pay out of pocket. This is a significant opportunity for many military households as more than 220,000 troops are estimated to be affected by this new measure.

Reimbursable pet expenses for military members are available but you’re still going to have to be mindful of costs as limits apply. Even more so, when trusting someone with the well-being of your furry loved one, you’re going to have to be sure that you hire the right company for the job.

Looking for a high-quality pet transportationservice that won’t break the bank? We’ve partnered with another transportation service you can trust, Starwood Pet Travel. Be sure to pay them a visit for all your additional pet transportation related needs. Furthermore, Starwood allows you to request a quote ahead of time, so that there is no question about cost later in the process.

CitizenShipper Is Our Top Recommendation For Domestic US Pet Transportation

Who handles your pet transport during a PCS matters and CitizenShipper is the company the military community has trusted since 2008. Helping more than 120,000 pet owners secure safe, responsible transport, their network has thousands of drivers who are vetted and experienced for the job, among other great features:

  • You’ll gain greater peace of mind with CitizenShipper’s 24/7 televet services and Pet Protection Plan.
  • Conduct due diligence with ease. Transporter reviews, quotes, and profiles are all available before you decide who will be conducting the transport.
  • You can even speak with the transporter to get to know them before they transport your pet.

Over the past 15+ years of service, more than 1,600 members of the military community have used CitizenShipper to deliver pets. Additionally, they offer military discounts to help you afford the move.

This includes a 20% discount on platform booking fees for all current and past members of the military. Not only that, but if you need help with moving vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and the contents of your home, we’re more than capable of assisting in these capacities as well.

The team understands how military PCS pet reimbursement works and while serving customers within the continental United States, they are looking to expand their network of partners that offer international pet transport services. Get a quote today for greater peace of mind and keep your family whole.

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