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Naval Station Great Lakes on Lake Michigan is home to the Navy’s boot camp. It’s a gorgeous installation, with 39 of its buildings on the Register of Historic Places. There are a lot of Naval Station Great Lakes housing communities on base. Living and working here doesn’t have to feel like a compromise with all of the amenities that each neighborhood has to offer. Take a look at some of the options available for on-base living as we lay them out below.

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Naval Station Great Lakes BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a nice bonus for personnel who decided to live off base in the surrounding community. It’s calculated based on a formula that takes your rank and zip code into consideration to provide you with a monthly stipend that lowers your housing costs. It’s designed to help you cover monthly expenses that would be covered while living on base so that you can lower your cost of living off base. BAH gives you the gift of cutting costs so that you can save effectively and better plan for the future. You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search. To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

Naval Station Great Lakes Barracks

There are 38 buildings and over 20,000 beds in the unaccompanied housing at Naval Station Great Lakes. If you’re an E1-E4 sailor coming to base without a family in tow, then you’re likely to end up in one of them. Everything you need is provided for you as all buildings are fully furnished and include every amenity you’re going to need. Laundry is available on site. There are lounges with big screens for blowing off steam in your downtime. Naval Station Great Lakes Housing Office

Naval Station Great Lakes Housing Office

This is your first call upon receiving your PCS to Great Lakes. The housing office is full of knowledgeable staff who can help with every question you might have. They’re available to walk you through what you qualify for in terms of housing, how to go about your move and discuss the availability of units with you. Make sure that you get all the information you need to make your transition here as smooth as it can be.

Housing Service Center

Bldg 8100 1710 Cavin Drive Great Lakes, IL 60088


1 (847) 688-3440 Great Lakes Military Housing

Great Lakes Military Housing

1. Forrestal Village

This is a great community with plenty of green space and 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes for a variety of different ranks. Each one comes with a garage, a patio or balcony, and all the normal household amenities like garbage disposals, central air, and spacious closets. Forrestal Village is also home to a youth center and child development center, so your kids will be fully occupied.

2. Fort Sheridan

Fort Sheridan is another neighborhood with a variety of homes with specific rank requirements. From duplexes to single-family homes, you can qualify to live here and live among people from vastly different experience levels and backgrounds. Homes here come with garages, ceiling fans, dishwashers, and washer/dryer hookups. For the outdoor types, there are hiking trails that run along Lake Michigan.

3. Glenview

Glenview offers one townhouse floorplan available to all ranks. It’s 960 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. There’s a private patio with French doors, a breakfast nook, a spacious half bath, 2 walk-in closets in the master, and more. It’s great for families as the landscaped greenspace houses playgrounds and space for kids to play.

4. Halsey Village

Halsey Village features 2 and 3-bedroom duplexes with a garage or a finished basement. The community is right next to the commissary for easy access to shopping. It’s also close to other great base amenities. The 2-bedroom home is equipped with laundry in the basement and extra storage and is available for all ranks. The 3-bedroom is also available to all ranks and has a fireplace, patio, and master suite.

5. Nimitz Village

This neighborhood has a lot to enjoy. There are single-family homes as well as townhouses in 2, 3, and 4-bedroom floor plans. They range from 1,000 square feet to over 1,300. And all ranks are eligible. The community provides quick access to schools, the pavilion, and the baseball field. There are walking paths between each home and around the neighborhood for those with an active lifestyle in mind. Each home at Nimitz Village has a one-car garage.


There are plenty of great communities to choose from for on-base living. Fortunately, most ranks qualify for everything that’s available here, so eligibility probably won’t get in the way. To be sure, get in touch with the housing office and have them look up what’s available and double-check your eligibility. Also, not every floor plan will be available at all times. You’ll have to make sure that the community you’re eyeing up will have space for you and your family. But don’t fret, since there are more than enough great neighborhoods at Naval Station Great Lakes for everyone.

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