By Buddy Blouin
There are no guarantees in life, and while the only constant in this world is change, it’s always nice to have a roadmap when making decisions. This is exactly why the Navy COOL tools were created. The Navy COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) is part guide and part organization system. It’s a convenient way to find important information and documentation that can help you advance your career both while applying for Department of Navy jobs as well as in your civilian career. You can even receive financial assistance through the program to gain the education you need to help you advance within your industry.

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What Is Navy COOL Program?

Navy COOL is a program and resource tool that provides Sailors with educational opportunities to advance their careers, as well as organize important information for safekeeping and use. This Navy portal has plenty of functions, including:
  • 1,875 opportunities for Sailors to gain meaningful credentials for their careers.
  • Payment assistance towards tuition for courses that help you with both Dept. of Navy jobs and civilian jobs.
  • Educational resources for exams.
  • Consolidation and ease of finding important information, including credentials related to Navy ratings, designators, and collateral-duty/out-of-rate assignments, according to the Navy COOL website.
No matter what your plans are either in or out of the military, the Navy COOL program is helpful in whichever industry you pursue.

Why Sailors Should Take Advantage

Using Navy COOL can be beneficial for many different reasons, but ultimately, the program is just another way that Sailors can help themselves become not just the best fighter they can be but the best person they can be. Underemployment and unemployment continue to be an issue for Veterans who are transitioning from the military into civilian life. Having the right credentials and being able to present them to prospective employers can help you succeed in your career both in the U.S. military and as a civilian. This function only continues to improve through efforts such as the Navy COOL app for iOS and Android. Civilian credentials you can earn may help your career but can often come with fees and costs attached to them. For many Sailors, this can be a financial burden and discourage them from applying. But the Navy COOL Voucher Program provides financial assistance for such costs. Your path is also laid out before you. A Sailor's Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR) helps you best understand the steps you need to take and how the credentials you earn help you pursue your career. Finally, in order to best prepare you for your exams while pursuing various credentials, the Navy Advancement Exam Bibliographies (BIBs) are there to be a routinely updated study guide as you work towards the Navy COOL certification of your choice.

Navy COOL Jobs & Planning Boost Sailors

There are no two ways about it; Sailors have a lot to benefit from by using the portal. From boosting your career in the military to learning new skills within your industry and even elevating your post-military career, Navy COOL provides plenty of resources. Remember, you can even download the Navy COOL app for convenience, and while the mobile version doesn’t have everything, you can find the main components of the program available wherever you are right at your fingertips.

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