By Buddy Blouin
Getting Americans to join the American Armed Forces has been quite the challenge as of late. Numbers are down across branches and Congress has already been briefed on these issues. But now renewed efforts are underway. The Army is bringing back its ironic slogan to boost numbers, but they aren’t the only one rebranding. U.S. Coast Guard recruiting is changing its approach and tackling some of the hurdles it faces with a new logo and tagline. The hope is that the new approach to Coast Guard recruiting will help inform the public of the service, what they do, and why they should join the cause.

U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Has Been a Struggle

U.S. Coast Guard recruiting efforts have been vast, yet the branch has still missed its goals by over 20% for the last three years running. Getting Generation Z to walk into a Coast Guard recruiting office continues to be a challenge and there are new efforts aiming at fixing this problem. One of the core problems of getting potential Coast Guardsmen to walk into a Coast Guard recruiting center in the first place remains ignorance of what the branch does or that it exists at all. Such challenges were the inspiration for the new direction being taken. Admiral Linda L. Fagan unveiled a big part of this change to help with "succinctly communicating" what the Coast Guard does through a new recruiting logo and tagline. The slogan moving forward for recruitment is now "Protect. Defend. Save."

New Succinct Slogan Aiming At Boosting Recruitment

The Coast Guard's latest initiative, which includes the establishment of seven additional Coast Guard recruitment centers and the implementation of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps units at 10 high schools throughout the country, is expected to significantly enhance public understanding of the various job and service prospects that exist within the organization. "There are many, many Americans that don't really know what the Coast Guard is or what we do. It's not that people don't want to work for the Coast Guard. In some cases, they aren't even aware we exist," said Admiral Fagan. The logo looking to help hit Coast Guard recruiting goals features an eagle representing military strength as well as our nation's waterways and coastal environments. There is also a life ring, representing the lifesaving missions the Coast Guard conducts. The star symbolizes navigation and law enforcement, and finally, a stormy sea featuring three waves representing Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. These are the service’s core values. In addition to the shift in the marketing message, the branch is understanding that getting this generation into a Coast Guard recruiting station won’t work by running ads on TV. So, expect to see the campaign elsewhere, such as online and on video game websites. Already featuring unique challenges in getting out the USCG’s message is the fact that perception and duty can change depending on where you are located. For example, in the Midwest, awareness is less familiar because missions involve inland waterways rather than the coast. In addition to these marketing efforts, the Scout Talent and Refer program offers $1,000 to any member, retiree, reservist, or civilian employee who can get recruits to the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, New Jersey. us coast guard recruiting office There is also a bonus program that can pay between $15,000 and $50,000 signing bonuses depending on the career path they take. Several cities will also become home to a new U.S. Coast Guard recruiting office including El Paso, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Syracuse, and St. Paul.

Improving Coast Guard Recruiting Numbers at a Critical Time

A joint training exercise between both the United States Coast Guard and Japan is only one of the things making news headlines. There are rising tensions due to a variety of provocative moves in the Pacific, but all eyes remain on China as many feel an attack on Taiwan is coming. It’s easy to sit here and enjoy the spoils of America but the harsh reality is that this country doesn’t just happen. It takes brave people of all creeds, colors, religions, and ideas to band together throughout the various branches of the U.S. military to keep our land free. The USCG plays an intricate and evolving role in that, which is why recruitment is so important. Nobody really wants war, but staying ready for the unfortunate is imperative to national security and maintaining world peace. U.S. Coast Guard recruiting strategies are shifting. The hope is that here and elsewhere the next generation of heroes are joining. Now, it is up to the branch to execute its marketing strategy, inform prospective members, and continue its standard of excellence necessary for helping make America a safer place.




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