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Welcome to NSB New London, located on the beautiful Southeastern coast in Groton, Connecticut! This base sits on over 680 acres along the Thames River, with seven submarine piers and over 70 tenant commands. NSB New London is called home to more than 6,500 military personnel and over 12,000 family members. Reservists, retirees, civilian employees, and DoD contractors make up more than 14,000 members of the working population, making this base one of the largest employers in Southeastern Connecticut. Continue reading for an in-depth guide on NSB New London to aid in your transition to your new base - explore where to live, the best schools, food hot spots, and more!

Where Is NSB New London?

NSB New London Welcome Center

1 Crystal Lake Road Groton, CT 06349-5093


: 1 (860) 694-3011

NSB New London Map

NSB New London Directions

From New London Airport, Groton, CT

  1. Turn right on Tower Avenue.
  2. Turn left on Route 1 (U.S. 1 will turn into Hwy. 12).
  3. A large sign for NSB New London is on the left side of Hwy. 12.
  4. Turn left on Crystal Lake Road.
  5. Proceed to the NSB New London main gate. (Proximity to the base is about 5 miles.)

From Green Airport, Providence, RI

  1. Follow signs to I-95 South to CT for approximately 53 miles.
  2. Take Exit 86.
  3. Turn right onto Route 12.
  4. Turn left on Crystal Lake Road.
  5. Proceed to the NSB New London main gate. (Proximity to the base is about 54 miles.)

From Bradley International Airport, Hartford, CT

  1. Follows signs toward Hartford, CT.
  2. Begin on U.S. 75.
  3. Turn left on CT-20 Southeast.
  4. Take I-91 South.
  5. Take Exit 32 toward I-84. (


    : I-84 Eastbound is a left-lane exit.)
  6. Proceed on I-84E to Route 2 South to I-395.
  7. Take I-395 South to Exit 78 (Route 32).
  8. Follow Route 32 South.
  9. Take I-95 North across the Gold Star Bridge.
  10. Take Exit 86.
  11. Turn right on Route 12.
  12. Turn left on Crystal Lake Road.
  13. Proceed to the NSB New London main gate. (Proximity to the base is about 66 miles.)

Shuttle and Taxi Service

Currently, there is no shuttle bus available between the airports and NSB New London. However, you may take a taxi from the airport to NSB New London ranging in price. Check the fare estimator for how much your ride will cost.

Public Transportation

Amtrak and Southeastern Area Transit (SEAT) run routes close to NSB New London, stopping in Groton and New London. Check the bus and train schedule for the closest routes and pickup times available.

NSB New London Transportation Office

Transportation and Household Goods Office

84 Grayling Avenue Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 694-4650


  • Monday-Friday

    : 0900-1400
  • Saturday-Sunday

    : Closed
  • Holidays

    : Closed

Entering NSB New London and Base Amenities

All visitors must check in at the main gate and present a military ID or receive a visitor's badge upon entering NSB New London. Visit the local Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) to obtain a Naval Submarine Base New London map and a full list of amenities.

Check-In Procedures for Incoming Personnel

Incoming personnel reporting to NSB New London must check in with their individual command. Your sponsor should be your first point of contact. If you are unsure of where to report, contact the Combined Bachelor Quarters Supervisor at

1 (860) 694-3416

. They can be reached 24 hours a day. All Submarine School students and staff should report to the quarterdeck located in Building 499. NSB New London military personnel will need to check in at the Personnel Support Detachment office, located in Building 83. Regular office hours are from 0730-1600, Monday through Friday. If arriving after hours at NSB New London, please contact the Command Duty Officer at

1 (860) 625-9644

to ensure your orders are endorsed. Be sure to hand-carry all important documents, such as service papers, PCS orders, travel receipts, marriage certificates, and other necessary papers your sponsor may recommend. Military IDs will be issued after check-in is completed.

NSB New London Visitor Center

Located in the Housing Referral Office

164 Grayling Avenue Groton, CT 06349-5023


: 1 (860) 694-3851

NSB New London DEERS Office

ID/CAC Card Processing 83 Grayling Avenue Groton, CT 06949-5088


: 1 (860) 694-3022

NSB New London Gate Hours

Military base New London, CT, has three gates in total. The main gate is open 24/7, and the North Gate (also called Gate 3) is open twice a day. Gate 7 is open for commercial use only.
  • Main Gate:

    Open 24/7
  • Gate 3/North Gate:

    Mon-Fri: 0530-0800 & 1400-1730
  • Gate 7 (commercial use only)

    : Monday through Friday: 0530-1600

NSB New London Commissary

commissary snacks The Naval Submarine Base New London commissary is a great way to save on all of your grocery needs and is conveniently located near the main gate. Check the New London Submarine Base map here for the exact location. NSB New London Commissary 484 Grayback Avenue Bldg. 617 Groton, CT 06349-0000


: 1 (860) 326-2020


  • Sunday

    : 1000-1700
  • Monday

    : Closed
  • Tuesday - Wednesday

    : 0900-1900
  • Thursday

    : 0900-2000
  • Friday

    : 0900-1900
  • Saturday

    : 0900-1800

NSB New London Exchange

NSB New London Main Navy Exchange Groton, CT, offers active-duty military, family members, retirees, and DoD personnel the ability to shop for goods and services at affordable, competitive prices. New London Sub Base NEX has a wide variety of shops to choose from.

NSB New London Main Navy Exchange

Grayback Ave Bldg. 484 Groton, CT 06349 Phone: 1 (860) 446-5400

NSB New London Barber Shops

NSB New London Barber Shops There are two barber shops on base: one at the NSB New London Main Navy Exchange and one at the lower base. Currently, the lower base barber shop is temporarily closed.

Barber Shop Main

Grayback Ave Bldg. 484 Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 446-5793


  • Sunday

    : 0900-1700
  • Monday

    - Thursday: 0700-1830
  • Friday

    : 0700-1800
  • Saturday

    : 0800-1700
Lower Base Barber Shop Bldg. 173 Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 694-2256


  • Currently closed

NSB New London Post Office

New London NSB post office is located next to Morton Hall. Hours may vary, so check the website for more information. New London Post Office 1 Naval Submarine Base New London Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 445-7744

NSB New London Finance Office

The finance office at NSB New London, CT, has resources available to help aid and assist military personnel with managing finances through counseling and educational classes.

New London NSB Finance Office

83 Grayling Ave. Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 694-3033 The New London NSB legal office provides legal services to active-duty military members and their dependents. Legal assistance is provided to retirees as resources permit.

Region Legal Service Office

84 Grayling Avenue Box 46 Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 694-3741

NSB New London Library

The NSB New London library is open Monday through Friday from 0900-1700. The library doubles as the Tickets & Travel office, as well.

NSB New London Library/Tickets & Travel

Grayling Ave Bldg.164 Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 694-3723

Hotels Near NSB New London

Hotels Near NSB New London Located on base, the Naval Submarine Base New London hotel and inn are affordable options for military members and their families. NSB New London hotels are located within walking distance to the commissary, bowling center, theater, and Navy Exchange.

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites

O’Kane Hall Bldg. 429 Groton, CT 06349


: 1 (860) 694-3416

Navy Lodge New London

Bldg. DG50 2 Proteus Avenue Groton, CT 06340


: 1 (860) 446-3119

Hot Tip: Download MyBaseGuide’s NSB New London Military Relocation Guide for information about hotels nearby.

Download MyBaseGuide’s NSB New London Military Relocation Guide for information about hotels nearby.

Where Should I Live Near NSB New London?

Where Should I Live Near NSB New London?

Major Cities Near NSB New London

The cities surrounding New London Naval Submarine Base are Groton and New London. Due to the unique history of this southeastern community, there are various smaller towns and villages within each city, honoring the history and names of the area.

Best Places To Live Near NSB New London

Groton, CT

Groton is the home of NSB New London and is a popular place to live among DoD civilians and military personnel. Located within New London County on the Thames River with a population of approximately 40,000, Groton is touted as one of the best places to live in all of Connecticut. Residents here enjoy suburban living with many restaurants, shops, and parks. Employment opportunities abound with many major companies setting up factories and laboratories in the community.

New London, CT

The town of New London has a population of over 26,000 that is made up of many young professionals and families. This waterfront community offers a beautiful beach and boasts a wide variety of outdoor recreation, from boating and swimming to hiking and biking. New London has a lively downtown area filled with clubs, bars, and restaurants that are popular among tourists and locals alike. New London is about an eight-minute drive to the NSB New London front gate.

NSB New London Schools

There are no DoD schools located on NSB New London. The majority of students living in New London Sub Base housing will attend schools within the Groton Public School District and the New London Public School District. These districts are highly rated and offer many charter and magnet schools. Click here for a full list of the best schools near NSB New London.

NSB New London Weather

NSB New London Weather

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the mild temperatures in Southeastern Connecticut, with beautiful summers that rarely reach over 90 degrees. The winter months between January and March are cold, with temperatures staying between 20-30 degrees and snowfall reaching an average of 34 inches per year. Fall and spring bring rainfall averaging 44 inches per year. Overall, the weather in NSB New London is fairly pleasant and not like its neighbors in New England, where the winters can be frigid.

Things To Do on NSB New London

Things To Do on NSB New London NSB New London has various on-base amenities, including a movie theater, golf course, bowling alley, parks, and MWR outdoor recreation. The neighboring towns of Groton and New London offer many waterfront activities, such as boating, swimming, kayaking, dinner cruises, and boat tours. The local history speaks for itself with landmarks, museums, art installations, cultural activities, and concerts. Click here for a complete rundown of the best things to do near NSB New London. Looking for great food to fill your time? New London has that, too! Click here to discover New London restaurants you’ll love.

Hot Tip: Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively for NSB New London at MyBaseGuide.

Hot Tip: Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively for NSB New London at MyBaseGuide.


With its nearby scenic coastline, historic villages, and picturesque views, NSB New London in the city of Groton is among the finest installations in the U.S. The quality of life is amplified by the bustling downtown, historic cider mills, and family-friendly recreation and is within reach of the great attractions of New York and Boston. Surrounded by the rich history and the abundance of amenities, you will be pleased to call NSB New London home.  



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