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It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of the military, thinking about joining, or just have some general questions about the American Armed Forces, we’re here for you. MyBaseGuide has been helping the military community understand the ins and outs of a life of service for decades. We are proud to head into 2024 as a leader in the military world. But none of it would be possible without our readers. So, we’re taking a look back at the top guides for 2023 you guys couldn’t get enough of!

The Top 10 2023 MBG Stories

1. Tom Cruise Effect?

Topping our list in 2023, MBG garnered plenty of interest in Air Force Basic Training: Everything You Need to Know. Perhaps it’s because of the latest installment of the Top Gun series which came about in 2022. Maybe there is simply an uptick in interest in becoming an Airman. Either way, we flew high with this one into 2024.

2. Biggest and Baddest Base

There is no shortage of military bases for the U.S. military. Hundreds of institutions are in around 80 countries worldwide. These Are the Largest U.S. Military Bases in the World you’ll find defending America and its interests.

3. What to Know Before You Go

Being on a military base might be an everyday occurrence for those serving as active duty members or military civilians, but for others, it can be a bit intimidating. Military Base Access for Civilians & How to Host Guests is an important guide to keep all parties compliant and to avoid potential security hassles when visiting/hosting on base.

4. Elite Military Training

It doesn’t matter which branch of the U.S. military you join, the entire purpose of any fighting force is to defend its nation’s interests. Therefore, training is going to be intense regardless of how you enlist, yet one has the be the most extreme, right? Which Armed Forces Branch Has the Hardest Military Training? Click the article to find out.

5. Prepare for Basic

Preparation is a huge part of any successful endeavor. If you’re looking to become a Soldier, we can help you get a better perspective of what you can expect to experience when you first arrive. For Army Basic Training: Everything You Need to Know is outlined in this easy-to-read guide.

6. New Names, Familiar Bases

Renaming Military Bases in 2023 Is a Focus of Naming Commission and keeping up with it all proved difficult. Get to know which military bases may still be serving our nation but are donning new monikers.

7. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Service comes in many different shapes and forms. Together, the many branches of the American Armed Forces specialize in their brand of warfare yet are trained to collaborate into a singular, deadly force. Which Branch of the Military Should I Join? What To Consider when you’re looking to serve is here in this guide.

8. Goldfinger Would Be Proud

If one of the most infamous James Bond films didn’t teach you that trying to rob Fort Knox is far from easy, maybe our guide can. A Peek Inside Fort Knox: The Most Heavily Guarded Military Base may have helped Goldfinger find an alternative plot to raise the value of his favorite metal.

9. Diversity Difficulty

Have you ever wondered Why Are There So Few Women Navy Seals? The answer may or may not surprise you. Overall, the American Armed Forces shines in part because of its diversity, just like our nation. But the standards to become a Navy SEAL are physically demanding in ways few can overcome.

10. No Off Days

Staying in shape is on the minds of more and more people these days and that’s a good thing. Those serving are required to stay in good health as the demands of the military require able-bodied fighters to defend our nation. Are You Military Fit? Take These Military Fitness Tests to Find Out and thanks to all of our readers for another successful year at MBG!

More Stories To Come In 2024

Find us in 2024 for more military base updates, news, and developments. Until then, all of us at MyBaseGuide are wishing you a Happy New Year!




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