By Buddy Blouin

Being stationed at USCG Sector San Francisco means having easy access to the wonderful events held throughout the year in the Golden Gate City. Families will find that there is plenty to do with a mix of recreational, urban, artistic, athletic, and everything in between found in San Francisco events. The Bay Area is a great way to get out in the community and enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Our guide highlights some of the best events in San Francisco your family can enjoy each year.

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What Events Are Happening in San Francisco?

From the Lunar New Year, to the Fillmore Jazz Festival, and everything in between, you can find San Francisco events that are fun and engaging for the whole family. Whether you’re PCSing to the area for the first time or are a long-time resident, below, we’re looking at can’t-miss events you’ll love:

1. Lunar New Year

San Francisco is home to one of the most predominant Asian communities in the United States. Therefore, it only makes sense that there are several celebrations that abound during Lunar New Year.

You’ll find events happening in San Francisco representing many different cultures, but the food, dances, sights, smells, and sounds are unlike anything else during this yearly celebration.

Little Canton and Chinatown may be the heart of the festivities but believe us, you’ll find plenty to do all over the city. Be on the lookout as the date of the Lunar New Year changes each year.

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Festival and Parade is held around two weeks before the actual date. However, restaurants and shops always come together to bring prosperity in style through events you won’t want to miss.

2. Carnaval San Francisco

Every year, the Grand Parade and Carnaval bring together a wealth of cultures into a storied event. Throughout the Mission District, you’ll find a celebration of Latino, Caribbean, African, and Creole festivities bringing together music, food, dancing, and much more.

The events San Francisco puts on for Carnaval provide families with a two-day free festivity to celebrate indigenous people from multiple nations. You can shop, dine, sing, and enjoy a variety of cultures all in one place.

3. Fillmore Jazz Festival

The Fillmore Jazz Festival is one San Francisco event you won’t want to miss each summer. Not only does the festival provide visitors with the largest jazz event on the West Coast, but there is plenty to eat and drink while you vibe to amazing artists.

You’ll find San Francisco's Pacific Heights and Fillmore neighborhoods filled with live music, art, and vendors. Donations keep the vibes alive but the festival is free. The two-day event will keep you moving to the rhythm all day and into the night.

4. The Exploratorium

Less of a San Francisco event and more of a destination, The Exploratorium is a great option available year-round. You’ll not only find over 650 interactive exhibits that are fun for the whole family but there are snacks and a beautiful waterfront restaurant providing local ingredients as well.

5. Union Square Ice Rink

During the holiday season, you’ll find many different events in San Francisco no matter which you celebrate. A popular option for the Bay Area is the Union Square Ice Rink. While you can find others throughout the city, no other is going to have the same draw and magnitude. There are events, themed skates, drag performances, and more.

How to Fill up Your San Francisco Events Calendar

Every weekend, day, night, month, etc., you’re going to find new San Francisco events coming to life. To keep up with the never-ending entertainment, below are a few helpful resources with up-to-date event calendars you can enjoy all year long:

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