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If you aren’t familiar with the scuba diving North Carolina has to offer, it’s about time we bring you up to speed. Of course, Florida, California, and Hawaii grab headlines for all the right reasons, but North Carolina scuba diving offers a wide array of wildlife, beautiful views, and some of the best shipwreck locations you’ll find anywhere in the world. The Tar Heel State is home to Adventures in Scuba NC, an instructional school with worldwide SCUBA certification, and it's a testing center for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI).

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Use Your GI Bill for Scuba Diving in North Carolina Certifications

To fully enjoy scuba diving, North Carolina residents are better off taking a course or two. This invaluable knowledge and experience will allow for safe operation as you encounter other divers and marine life during your adventure.

For those looking to earn a North Carolina scuba diving certification, it’s not only about learning the skills but mastering them to pass the knowledge down to fellow recreationists. If you’re a Veteran or active duty service member, it’s worth noting that Adventures in Scuba is an NAUI VA testing center.

Here, you can use your GI Bill to earn a National Association of Underwater Instructor certification, so that you can continue to share your passion with the military community.

Adventures in Scuba NC doesn’t only offer training but encompasses everything there is involving scuba diving in North Carolina. That means offering gear for sale/rental along with maintenance and boat trips. Active duty military and Veterans can enjoy discounts when they place an order.

Dive Into the Courses Available

If you’re looking to enjoy some of the wonderful North Carolina scuba diving sites that are out there, a whole new world is waiting for you. But you’re going to need to be prepared beforehand. Here’s how to get submerged with the right knowledge for your next great adventure:

  • Maybe you’re still a bit on the fence about scuba. No worries here. Adventures in Scuba NC offers courses, so you can try scuba diving in a controlled setting.
  • There are also Open Water Scuba Courses available which range from basic to instructor-level.
  • Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the basics. Thankfully, at the Local Dive Park, instructors can help you regain the fundamentals through the Refresher Course.
  • The opportunity for earning your Advanced Diver card is available through the Advanced Diver Course.
  • From learning lifesaving techniques to understanding how to help divers who may panic in stressful situations, it’s all covered during Adventures in Scuba NC’s Rescue Certification Course. Here, you'll learn how to prevent problems before they arise.
  • Being prepared for anything starts with gaining an understanding of a wide variety of situations. Specialty Diver Courses can help with many different types of dives such as those near shipwrecks, dives that take place at night, photography-based dives, and much more.
  • Earning your Master Diver Certification is possible after you’ve completed the necessary prerequisites, but where you learn matters. Adventures in Scuba NC delivers a team with decades of experience to help guide you further with the sport.
  • Additionally, the Technical Diver Certification Course helps you go safely beyond the normal boundaries of recreational diving.

    It’s worth noting that trips for scuba diving in North Carolina, including as you train, can contain charter boat Atlantic Ocean packages. However, you should expect additional costs on top of the course fee should you desire these options.

    Different packages offer various levels of features. However, you can expect gear rental and instructional classes to be a part of your experience. Some courses and features may be included with various purchases from the shop.

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Fort Liberty Scuba Diving in North Carolina

Home to many stunning beaches, North Carolina is truly a beautiful place to take in the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean. Yet, if you’re stationed at Fort Liberty, you may not find it as easy as some, considering it can take a few hours to reach the coastline.

Adventures in Scuba NC doesn’t let being several hours inland stop their love for diving. They have built a diving community filled with expertise, passion, and opportunities. No matter your skill level, there’s something for everyone, and being located near America’s largest military base provides the community with a recreation hub unlike any other.

If you’re looking for scuba diving, North Carolina has you covered, and if you’re stationed at Fort Liberty, Adventures in Scuba NC is the place to hone your skills. Contact their team for more information.

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