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Take a trip to Mt. Ogden, and you’ll find no shortage of adventure. Nothing quite embodies this like the Snowbasin Resort. It’s a great balance of modern comforts mixed with the simplicity of nature, which is one of the reasons why Utah is so highly regarded by many. There are concerts and festivals, mini-golf and hiking, year-round events including extreme sports, and, of course, lodging and dining options. You can get active before blowing it all on a beautiful brunch, push your athleticism to its limits, or simply go to get away. Here’s some information to get you started and to help you get the most out of your trip.

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Where Is Snowbasin Resort?

You’ll find the coolest ski resort Utah has to offer at 3925 Snowbasin Rd., Huntsville, UT 84317. We highly recommend this spot to anyone, but with its proximity to Hill AFB, at less than 40 minutes from the base, this wonderful oasis is a great place for military members to unwind. This is the perfect spot for a ton of outdoor excursions, with access to nearby attractions such as Maples Trailhead, Green Pond Trailhead, Ridge Trail, and East Fork Overlook. Head up the mountain and see what adventure is waiting for you.

When Does Snowbasin Ski Resort Open?

You can expect the Snowbasin Ski Resort to open around the holiday season following Thanksgiving. The Snowbasin Resort Events Page is frequently updated for upcoming events and upcoming season times. Things can vary depending on a variety of factors, including weather conditions. Their website is also a great place to go to best understand the Snowbasin weather, as it provides a live forecast of the daily weather for adventurers to best prepare.

Who Owns Snowbasin Resort?

The Snowbasin Resort in Utah is owned by the Holding family. It was purchased by the family in 1984 after being in operation since 1940. Today, the Snowbasin Resort continues to be a premier resort destination offering a variety of amenities with a focal point on relaxation, nature, and skiing during the winter months.

Season Passes at the Resort Are Discounted for Military Members

Pricing can vary at the Snowbasin Resort for many reasons. For starters, it’s going to depend on what you're looking to do while visiting. Seasonal price changes can be expected, with peak times costing more than others. Events are their own separate deal with individual pricing, as well. But for avid adventures, Snowbasin Season Passes can provide the most bang for your buck. 3,000 skiable acres with an annual average of 300 inches of snow await you, and for active-duty military personnel, it’s only $449 for a Premier Pass. This offer is also valid for Veterans.

Visit the Snowbasin Resort Today

It’s hard to find a downside to the resort other than the downslopes available to those who make the trip. Date night, a trip with the kids, staycations, etc., there really is anything you can think of available to you and your party. Rentals and lessons are available for the less-than-avid skiers, and there are many activities to keep everyone entertained beyond extreme sports. The resort is also a great place for those with disabilities, as adaptive sports are available. All year long, if you are looking for something fun to do, you can count on the Snowbasin Resort to deliver during each and every visit.

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