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In 2021, a temporary promotion Army policy was announced for the enlisted Soldier force. As of October 2022, this Army promotion policy has just been expanded through the end of fiscal year 2023. Here’s what everyone currently taking part in the system should know.

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Background on the Temporary Promotion Army Policy

It’s no secret that the military has had a rough go of it with recruiting lately, and the Army, in particular, has really felt the effects of the recruitment drought. With fewer new troops coming in and no shortage of troops ETSing, there’s been a big gap left in higher-ranking positions that need to be filled. Typically, to be eligible for an Army NCO promotion or any promotion to a higher rank, the Army requires Soldiers to go through in-depth training and education before promotion to the next higher pay grade. With the new Army promotion system 2022, that training and education program has been delayed. Now, an enlisted Soldier in the Army can get promoted now and go through the training and education process while they’re already serving in the role. Think of it as a “buy now, pay later” type of deal, but for military jobs.

The Extension Through 2023

In mid-October, during the Association of the U.S. Army conference, Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston announced that the temporary promotion Army policy will remain in effect for another year. “I really wanted to announce that we don’t need that [promotions] exception to policy, but that’s incorrect… For the next year, or until we do better getting our Soldiers to school on time, we are going to keep the...policy in place.” Grinston also stated that officials will reevaluate the extension in three months.

Other Problems With Promotion

The military recruitment drought isn’t the only struggle facing the largest branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. There’s also a pretty sizable bottleneck in military schools, which Soldiers have to go through in order to be promoted. These schools are apparently having problems getting Soldiers through training “in time to get promoted,” according to Grinston. Thus, the new Army promotion system extension is also to ensure that there are enough Soldiers to fill vital high-level roles in the Army.

What To Expect Moving Forward

There has been a lot of debate regarding this temporary promotion structure and if it’s actually viable for the Army to continue. For now, it seems that there aren’t many better options. Currently, the Army is busy making a few changes to the promotion point worksheets to make sure that only the most dedicated and hardworking candidates are eligible for the temporary promotion system. Beginning in June 2023, Army expert badges will hold more weight for those looking to be put on the Army promotion list, and Army Combat Fitness Test scores will decrease in weight. Overall, who knows where the temporary promotion Army policy is headed? It could be axed before spring 2023, or it could continue for another few years. All we have to say is: Enjoy the early promotion while you can.

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