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Families and military members stationed at Camp Pendleton have the perfect recreation spot located close by. The Flower Fields provide a vibrant and stunning stop, with many family-friendly activities and photo opportunities. But where are the Flower Fields in California? The fields are located in Carlsbad, a neighboring town for Camp Pendleton. So, whether you’re looking for a fun family activity or a brief, beautiful getaway, the Carlsbad Flower Fields are the perfect place for you.

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The Flower Fields Basics

The Flower Fields are in Carlsbad, California, on Carlsbad Ranch in North San Diego County. The fields are open seasonally. They typically open in March and close after Mother’s Day. The next season will run from March 1, 2023-May 14, 2023, and seasons after that are expected to fall in line with similar dates. Because they are only open for a few months, it’s important to buy your tickets right away.

The Flower Fields Tickets

Tickets are on sale for a limited time because the fields are only open seasonally. During the season, you can find tickets on the Flower Fields Carlsbad website. The tickets for admission vary in price based on age. The Flower Fields discount tickets take the form of season passes. You’ll save more money for a seasonal pass that allows you to visit the Flower Fields throughout the season in which they were purchased (but does not extend to next year’s flower season). This past season, the tickets were priced as follows:

Regular Admission

  • Seniors (60+):

  • Adults:

  • Children (3-10):

  • Children (2 and under):


Season Passes

  • Seniors:

  • Adults:

  • Children (3-10):


Wagon Tour Tickets

  • Adults:

  • Children (3-10):

Are the Flower Fields open? It depends on when you’re reading this! If you’re here in the spring, chances are good that you can visit now. If it’s any other time of year, you’re going to be out of luck.


Aside from looking at the beautiful fields, there are many different attractions in the Flower Fields. Photos and wagon tours are only just scratching the surface, and the ranch has plenty of tasty food onsite. The most notable attractions and food stops are listed below:
  • American Flag of Flowers
  • The Artist Garden and Bird Aviaries
  • Cymbidium Orchid Greenhouse
  • Wagon Tours
  • Pizza Trolley
  • Sweet Swirls Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Shack
  • Kettle Kernels Popcorn
The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch are more than fields of flowers. They have attractions that can keep the family, children, and people of all ages engaged.

The Flower Fields Events

There’s even more entertainment to be had at Carlsbad Ranch. If you want to book a special event in the Flower Fields, there are many opportunities for you to do so. The ranch allows private parties for events such as:
  • Weddings or Showers
  • Corporate Events
  • School Events
  • Dinner or Birthday Parties
  • Nonprofit Fundraisers
  • Festivals
There are three different venues that you can choose from on the site. If you would like to book an event, you can visit the website directly.

A Perfect Location for Families and Military Members

A fun and vibrant family activity, the Flower Fields will never disappoint. San Diego has a rich, flourishing tourist population and even more weekend activities you can choose from after your visit. There are restaurants not too far away from the fields, and the ocean is less than a mile from the ranch. It would be easy to find something else to do after you’ve spent your day in the fields. The Flower Fields are a great place for families and military members located at Camp Pendleton. Their close proximity to the base makes them the perfect getaway for you and your family in early spring. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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