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TRICARE open enrollment 2022 begins in just under a month. For those new to the TRICARE umbrella, this is only the second year that TRICARE is doing open enrollment. This is in an effort to make TRICARE more like other insurance companies. But like with all insurance open enrollment seasons, there are some tips and tricks involved with it. Read more to learn about open enrollment for TRICARE and the TRICARE open enrollment dates - 2022.

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What Is TRICARE Open Enrollment?

TRICARE open enrollment (2022) is when you can enroll in a new TRICARE plan or change your insurance coverage. This is a great time for anyone expecting a big change in the upcoming year. For example, for those expecting to get pregnant in the next year, this year’s open enrollment season would be the ideal time to enroll in prenatal care coverage.

When Is Open Enrollment for TRICARE?

For this year’s open enrollment, TRICARE is in sync with many other insurance companies. The dates for open enrollment begin November 14 and end December 13. If you experience a sudden life change outside of the open enrollment season, you may be able to change your coverage. A Qualifying Life Event (QLE) that would allow you to change your coverage would be something like the birth of a baby or moving. Pregnancy, however, is not considered a QLE, so if you’re planning for a pregnancy in 2023, this open enrollment season would be the time to enroll in prenatal coverage.


Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) is also hosting their open enrollment season during the same time as the TRICARE open enrollment season. FEDVIP isn’t just for active duty; it’s also for military retirees. This season, you can choose what coverage you want (standard or high), enroll in a new dental and/or vision plan, and choose what kind of plan you want (self-only coverage, self plus one, or self and family coverage). You can also choose if you want to cancel your FEDVIP coverage or switch to a new insurance company. Please note that only military retirees can take advantage of the vision and dental open enrollment. Active-duty personnel and their dependents are only eligible for vision insurance.

Exceptions to TRICARE Open Enrollment

There are a few exceptions to this TRICARE open enrollment 2022. For those with TRICARE for Life, TRICARE Retired Reserve, TRICARE Young Adult, and TRICARE Reserve Select, open enrollment season does not apply. As mentioned above, there are some exceptions to changing your coverage outside of open enrollment. Here’s a list of some things that are considered a QLE:
  • Marriage.
  • Getting injured on active duty.
  • Divorce.
  • Moving.
  • Death in the family.
  • Children being born, becoming adults, or going to college.
  • Retiring.
  • Separating from the military.
This isn’t a comprehensive list, so do your research before you try to switch your coverage outside of the open enrollment season. TRICARE open enrollment begins soon. If you’re expecting a big change in your life, like marriage, a pregnancy, or a child being born, this is the time to consider changing your coverage. The coverage changes will start in 2023. Insurance can be tricky to figure out, so do your research now so you can be ready for enrollment season between November 14 and December 13.

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