By Olivia Rigby
Military families aren’t unfamiliar with constant changes in their TRICARE coverage. Last year, TRICARE prescription coverage changed when copayments were raised for TRICARE prescriptions. Recently, another new change has been announced. Starting in October of this year, several TRICARE pharmacies are leaving the TRICARE network. This may mean you’ll have to find a new TRICARE pharmacy for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about the changes to the TRICARE pharmacy network, how to find pharmacies that accept TRICARE, and more.

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Changes in the TRICARE Pharmacy Network

Starting October 24, 2022, around 15,000 community pharmacies will be leaving the TRICARE network. This change will impact roughly 4% of TRICARE users. This can cause a lot of panic for military families who use a pharmacy that’s leaving the TRICARE network, but there are still many pharmacies in-network with TRICARE available. For example, Walgreens and CVS are still in-network with TRICARE; there are almost 10,000 CVS locations and around 9,000 Walgreens locations throughout the United States that accept TRICARE, too. There’s likely a CVS or Walgreens near you that you can use to fill your prescriptions.

Finding a TRICARE Pharmacy

With the changes to the TRICARE network, pharmacy options can seem limited. If you’re wondering if your pharmacy will no longer be in-network, Express Scripts will be sending out a letter with a list of in-network pharmacies that may be near you. This can be a helpful way to find a new pharmacy, but there are more options available to you. While Googling “TRICARE pharmacy near me” can be a good way to find options close by, there are easier ways to seek out a new pharmacy. TRICARE has a “Find a Pharmacy” page located on their website that can help you find a new pharmacy. Additionally, there’s the option with Express Scripts to get your prescriptions delivered to your home.

How To Transfer a Prescription

If you’re one of the 4% who needs to find a new pharmacy, transferring prescriptions is easy. We have some tips and tricks to make the process simple to understand. These options can help you get your TRICARE prescription refill without too much hassle.
  • Home delivery:

    As stated, you can visit the Express Scripts website to get eligible prescriptions delivered to your home.
  • Talk to your new pharmacist:

    Take your prescription bottle to the new pharmacy you’ll be using. The pharmacist there can contact your old pharmacist to transfer the prescription. You can also discuss any questions or concerns you have about the switch with your new pharmacist.
  • Call your new pharmacist:

    If you don’t have time to visit your new pharmacist in person, you can always call your pharmacist. They can get your prescription from your old pharmacy. This may make it more difficult to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, but it’s definitely more convenient than visiting in person.
  • Visit your doctor:

    Another easy option is to contact your doctor about your new pharmacy. Your doctor can have your prescriptions sent to the new pharmacy for a refill.
These recent changes have made many nervous about their current TRICARE pharmacy, but there are still plenty of options available. Walgreens and CVS are in-network with TRICARE and are available across the country. There are also tons of other local pharmacies that’ll still be eligible for TRICARE. If you have further questions, you can contact Express Scripts about pharmacies that accept TRICARE.

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