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It’s the spookiest time of the year, and after a couple of weird years, things are starting to get back to normal. On Hallows' Eve, that means plenty of terrifying fun, including the tradition of trick-or-treating. For military communities, this is a great opportunity to come together and enjoy each the company of others, enjoy treats, and just have a good time. For the best experience, we’ve created a guide to conducting your trick-or-treat on military bases.

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Operation Trick-or-Treat on Military Base

Any successful mission is going to involve careful planning to deliver on execution. Halloween is no different. Here are some helpful ways to prepare before heading out to your local monster mash:

Safety Tips

Safety is priority one for trick-or-treating, so that’s where we'll begin. It’s always good to use common sense and watch out for children throughout the night. Brighter colors or even something reflective can be a good idea, as there's plenty of foot traffic, and avoiding an accident can save a life. These tips work for everyone, and as adults, there are responsibilities you have, as well. From abstaining from drinking and driving to operating vehicles with extra caution, these acts will go a long way in keeping your community safe. Inspecting the candy you receive is also very important, and it’s always a good idea to play it on the safe side. If you suspect that something has been tampered with, it’s better to throw it out than risk it. Food safety is important for any host or aspiring chef having a party. Be sure to safely store dishes, avoid cross-contamination, and be aware of any food allergies that may affect whoever is eating.

Social Media

Using social media during trick-or-treating is a great way to spread the fun and create memories. But be aware, oversharing can provide a wealth of information to the wrong people and decrease the overall safety for you and your children. Social media is also a great tool, however, when it comes to trick-or-treating on military bases. One of the greatest parts about celebrations in the military community is the diversity you’ll find. No two bases are the same, and you’ll find plenty of local traditions to be had. This is where social media comes in. Be sure to check up on all the latest and greatest events going on for your base to get the full experience and to socialize with your neighbors.

Etiquette Goes a Long Way

Halloween may display gruesome, creepy decor, but it’s a time of joy and kindness. This is what makes practicing the right etiquette so important. Things such as being patient, not taking too much candy at once, and practicing good manners can make the night a success for everyone.


As mentioned, one of the great things about trick-or-treating on a military base is the great local traditions that come about from the many installations. One of these traditions is known as trunk-or-treat. Similar to the tradition we all know and love, instead of going door to door, some bases will organize a place where kids can walk from vehicle to vehicle in search of sweet treats. This isn’t just a bunch of vehicles out in a lot. They're often related to the military and decorated with fun frights. It’s a great alternative for those who wish to reserve a bit more privacy at their homes and is plenty of fun for kids to safely congregate in one area while enjoying the festivities.

Many Benefits of Trick-or-Treat on Military Base

Halloween on a military base is a great way to further join in the comradery of your fellow neighbors and enjoy the holiday in a safe manner. Tight-knit communities come together on a secure base in ways civilians sadly cannot provide. There's plenty of fun to be had, and it's a much less worrisome situation than others may present. Due diligence is always necessary, but the military community provides safety and comfort in a way others do not. Halloween can be a scary time for all the wrong reasons, but the safety and security you're afforded while trick-or-treating on military bases is a welcomed feature for kids and parents alike.

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