By Urmi Vallassery

Tyler Butterworth knows how to romanticize his life. This hilarious Solider from the Virginia National Guard posts short-form content such as Instagram reels and TikToks.

He uses his videos to mock luxurious influencers who make ASMR videos about their Mercedes Benz, meanwhile he is stuck making ASMR about a military vehicle.

Read on to find out more about how he smartly increases the military’s recruitment strategy through his 30-second videos.

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Army Recruiting

The Soldier influencer actually uses the short-form content not only to entertain others, but to actually be an Army recruiter.

US Army recruiting can be difficult, especially with the increasingly low recruitment numbers in the last years. However, Tyler Butterworth cleverly uses his videos as a gadget to fulfill Army requirements.

Using just a small microphone and a phone camera, he gives insights into what life is really like in the Army. Giving Gen Z a true look into how Soldiers can be just as fun.

His most popular content has over 20 million views. Other popular videos include giving tours of military vehicles, showing the fun of the chow hall, and doing his own “makeup” routines.

Effective Results

According to the Military Times, Tyler Butterworth explained that the best way to engage with Gen Z is through their second home: social media.

Interestingly, Butterworth claims over 90% of his recruits are from his hilarious content.

This is incredibly important to the US Army, and demonstrates the effectiveness of engagement with younger audiences.

The Soldier explained that his approach is to try and show the diversity of Soldiers. Today, he is proving that sometimes less work is more.

Tyler Butterworth: Army Recruiter

Following his brilliant strategy to increase recruits, Butterworth transitioned from serving on the National Guard to the National Guard’s marketing team.

Now, instead of searching for an “Army recruiter near me” you can just stay on TikTok and be convinced!

Butterworth explained that the content allows him to let loose and be a sillier version of himself, while learning more about the military.

Gen Z is attracted to authenticity, something that Butterworth has seemed to nail in his content.

TikTok and Reels: Funny or Dangerous?

Although the platform reaches many people across the nation, and even the world, there are several concerns about the risk of Chinese surveillance.

There was an initial ban on the use of TikTok in December 2019 over security concerns, and the Biden administration extended that ban to all government owned devices.

However, the ban does not include personal devices. This allows military recruiters to utilize the helpful platform to ramp up their recruitment numbers.

Butterworth explained that the highest levels of the Army support the purpose, allowing them to still maintain national security interests while promoting the message.

A Useful Recruitment Strategy

Overall, the short-form content is deemed useful in increasing the number of people interested in the military.

When used correctly, such as for recruitment strategies, the US Army can still maintain proper decorum in national security interests.

Whether it is documenting their Marine Corps time, or watching Tyler Butterworth do an MRE ASMR, short-form content on social media is a convenient tool.

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