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Welcome to Westover Air Reserve Base! Located in the communities of Chicopee and Ludlow, Westover Air Force Base is situated near the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Westover is the largest Air Reserve Base in the United States and is home to approximately 5,500 military and civilian personnel. It is also the home of the 439th Air Wing. Now that you have your orders and are on your way, you’re probably thinking about finding temporary lodging options or a place to live depending on how long you have been activated. Finding the right home can be hard, especially if you’re moving to a new area. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to help you get started and give you an idea of what lodging options there are or what to expect when hunting for housing around Westover Air Reserve Base. Suggested Read: Westover Air Reserve Base: In-Depth Welcome Center Massachusetts BAH

Massachusetts BAH

This link will allow you to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. Knowing your BAH is crucial for making a budget and guiding your home search. To learn more about how your military BAH rate is determined, visit our in-depth guide here.  Westover ARB Temporary Housing Options

Westover ARB Temporary Housing Options

As a Reserve Base, there is no government housing on the installation. Base housing for Westover is managed by Atlantic Marine Corps Communities. Available units offer between 3-4 bedrooms and 1.5-2.5 bathrooms. Click here for details on available floor plans, sorted by rank. You can also contact their housing office.

Military Family Housing

10 Outer Drive Chicopee, MA 01022


1 (413) 331-3205 Office Hours:
  • Monday - Friday:

    0800 - 1700
  • Saturday:

    0900 - 1500
  • Sunday:

Westover ARB Lodging

Westover ARB Lodging

With certain military moves, you may find yourself looking for housing that’s a little less permanent before making long-term arrangements. There are several temporary housing options that may be right for you. Explore the information about Westover Air Force Base lodging and temporary housing facilities including allowances, lodging rates and eligibility. Westover Air Reserve Base does offer temporary lodging facilities for family members. All lodging available on the installation for families and non-military members is offered on a space available basis and cannot be reserved any further out than 30 days. If you have questions about local lodging facilities, please contact The Flyers Inn lodging office.

Lodging Office

650 Airlift Drive The Flyers Inn Building 2201 Chicopee, MA 01022


1 (413) 557-2700

Westover Air Reserve Base Hotel

The Flyers Inn is Westover’s Air Force Inn. In addition to the typical amenities of an Air Force Inn, the Flyers Inn offers Gourmet Coffee in the lobby and allows guests to purchase food, drink, and travel items from the front desk. Those who have stayed at The Flyers Inn complement the hotel’s cleanliness and friendly staff.

The Flyers Inn 

Westover ARB 650 Airlift Dr. Bldg. 2201 Chicopee, MA 01022


1 (413) 593-5421/(413) 557-2854  or DSN 1 (312) 447-5241

Reservations and Rates

  • VOQ Rate:

    $89 per room, per night
  • DAQ Rate:

    $98 per room, per night


When you’re moving, planning makes all of the difference. Westover Air Reserve Base does not have any options for on-base living, but the temporary lodging it does offer should help you out while you search for a more permanent home through Atlantic Marine Corps Communities or in the surrounding area. Sorting through your options and finding the right one will take time, but we hope this guide to Westover’s housing options will help hold you over until you can find the right place for you. With a little luck, you’ll soon be settled in and enjoying your new home. More like this: 15 Of the Best Things to Do Near Westover ARB




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