By Buddy Blouin
When it comes to military jobs that travel the most, the U.S. Navy is the leading branch. Considering the Earth is around 71% water, it makes sense that there is a lot to cover for America’s naval fleet. There are plenty of reasons to join the American Armed Forces, and traveling the world is a big draw for troops in any branch. Military jobs that travel come in all shapes and forms, even within the Navy, which is where we’ll focus our attention. Learn more about the top jobs you can expect to show you the world.

What Military Job Travels the Most?

There are opportunities to travel no matter which branch you join as America has more than 1,000 military installations across 80 countries. You’ll find military bases across Europe, in Japan, South Korea, Africa, South America, and beyond. Depending on the job you have, you be required to travel or simply have a better chance of traveling while serving your country. Either way, thanks to some help from the career experts at Indeed.com, we’re looking at the best travel jobs in the military for those who wish to wander while serving as a Sailor. Beginning with the Navy’s

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate

, which is listed as the military job that travels the most, takes the top spot. Serving in this capacity means that you’ll be helping maintain aircraft so that they are safe and efficient for operating at high levels.

Best Military Jobs for Travel

If you’re looking for the best jobs in the military for travel, we can help. While Aviation Boatswain’s Mate is a great option, there are many other positions available This includes similar roles and tasks and others far more unrelated. Here’s how they breakdown:

Boatswain's Mate

Similar to its aviation counterpart, the Boatswain’s Mate position is a great job in the Navy for those who love physical work and maintaining ships. You’ll get to travel the world and see the seven seas in some cases quite literally while helping the Navy’s fleet maintain its excellence day in and day out.

Culinary Specialist

If culinary is your calling, then travel is likely a desirable perk you’re after. What better way to hone your craft than to travel the world and taste a variety of cuisines? The Navy needs to feed Sailors and as a Culinary Specialist, you’ll need to stay on top of meals, prep, procurement, and various other logistics to ensure everyone is well fed.

Navy Aircrewman

Serving as a Navy Aircrewman is one of the military jobs that travel the most that offers a variety of different functions within the role. Everything from maintenance to helping analyze data to helping in emergencies and more. You’ll work on a ship or on base and likely travel as a result.

Navy Pilot

If there’s anything that Top Gun has taught us is that the U.S. Air Force isn’t the only branch that has a need to take to the skies. Everything from spreading patriotism to search and rescue missions to a variety of aerial surveillance and other critical military missions is on the table.

Logistics Specialist

Logistics is a huge part of any well-working organization and considering each Navy unit has its own Logistics Specialist, they are needed around the world. This means placing orders, helping with mail, ensuring supplies are ordered and where they need to be, and more.

Operations Associate

Technology persists and continues to change the way war is fought. As a result, several positions, such as Operations Associate, are necessary. In one of the best military jobs for travel, you’ll be helping the Navy maintain its displays, equipment, technology, radars, and similar instruments.

Intelligence Specialist

Gaining intel is one thing, but it’s another to sift through it. Intelligence Specialists in the Navy do a bit of both. If you enjoy going through data, analyzing sources, and making sense of information to create reports that save lives around the world, this position is ideal for you.


The Navy needs Nurses because…well we all do. Healthcare is an important function of any walk of life and critical for making sure our fighting force is operating at its best. You’ll also help develop medical practices in foreign countries, assist in emergencies around the world, and assist within the military community.

Military Jobs That Let You Travel Are in Demand

The Navy has raised its age limit to 41 to help the branch meet recruiting goals. There are several positions available and becoming a Sailor is a great opportunity that can help you not only serve your country but also develop a wide range of skills for military and civilian use. This of course comes all with seeing the world for many as there are several of the best military jobs for travel within the branch. Joining the Navy is a great way to see the world and protect it in the process.




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