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If there’s a coast, chances are, you’re going to find Coast Guardsmen doing what they do best. Those serving at USCG Sector Mobile help defend the Gulf Coast while preserving the environment and rescuing boaters when needed. But if you’re stationed here, it’s not all about how you serve, it’s important to know what to do during your downtime. Port City has a lot to offer. Below, we’re breaking down the best events in Mobile, Alabama.

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Five Events In Mobile Alabama You Can’t Miss

Every year, there are events in Mobile, Alabama that unite the community and even attract a few visitors. They’re part of what makes Port City such a great place to work and live. Further below, we’ll help you find everyday events, but for now, let’s explore some of the happenings that occur throughout the year residents love to participate in:

1. Mardi Gras

It’s impossible to create this list and not start it off with the Mardi Gras events in Mobile, Alabama. On the Gulf Coast, once the New Year celebrations end, it’s time for Carnival season to begin.

Despite what you might think, the decadence and chaos are a bit of what you make it. There are several opportunities to get rowdy, there are many events perfect for families, and everything in between.

Regardless of how you celebrate, a lot is going on throughout the city. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Carnival season means king cake season. You can find these at local stores and shops generally following the New Year.
  • Fat Tuesday isn’t the only day to celebrate. Look for parades 2-3 weeks each weekend before the big day, and don’t forget about Lundi Gras on the Monday before!
  • Visiting the Mobile Carnival Museum or Mardi Gras Park is fun year-round, but during Carnival, it’s just that much better.

2. Mobile’s 2nd Weekend

When we say there are always events happening in Mobile, Alabama, just know we mean it. A prime example is the city’s 2nd Weekend. Each month, on the second weekend of whichever month that may be, you’ll find plenty to see, eat, and hear. This is how 2nd Weekend breaks down:

  • Things get started on Friday at the LoDa ArtWalk. From 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm, you’ll get to see the latest creations from artists in all of their forms. Enjoy a painting, grab a bite from local food trucks, purchase new furniture, and so much more.
  • On Saturday, Cooper Riverside Park is the place to be. Also known as The Coop, you’ll find food trucks for your taste buds and music for your soul. Times vary but the events generally start in the evening or afternoon.

3. Juneteenth

Celebrate the freedom of Blacks with the longest-running African American holiday in the United States. There are many events surrounding the date of Juneteenth itself (June 19th) throughout the city.

This includes live performances, 5K runs, and more. You can even visit the Africatown Heritage House and the wreckage of the Clotilda, the final ship to ever bring slaves into America.

4. Christmas Events in Mobile, Alabama

No matter what holidays you officially celebrate, during the Christmas season, there is a lot to enjoy in Mobile. Events change from year to year, but things such as Christmas Nights in Lights, the annual Holiday Art Market by the CentralArts Collective, and Magic Christmas in Lights at Bellingrath Gardens are all holiday highlights.

5. The Dauphin Street Beer Festival

Attending the Dauphin Street Beer Festival is one of the events in Mobile, Alabama that is beloved by locals and out-of-towners alike. Acting as the Gulf Coast’s Oktoberfest, you can find many craft breweries showcasing their finest ales and lagers towards the end of August each year.

It’s one day held across several venues downtown resulting in an unforgettable experience. Be sure to keep a lookout for details earlier in the year as you’ll need tickets, and they’re known to go quickly.

Events In Mobile Alabama This Weekend

Staying up to date on all of the events in Mobile, Alabama can be a challenge because there is so much to do, see, taste, and experience. From recreational hotspots to downtown events, and even regional happenings near the beach, here are some great ways to stay connected to the hottest day-to-day experiences:

  • Visit Mobile is the number one resource for local events happening each weekend, weekday, or anytime! You’ll also find regional events and partner sites providing up-to-date information on events in Gulf Shores, Fairhope, Dauphin Island, and more!
  • Eventbrite may have a national reach, but it’s a great resource for finding events in Mobile, Alabama. Particularly, those that require tickets. You can safely secure access to ticketed events happening in Port City.
  • City of Mobile has a great range of events and can even help you plan for things happening the following month along with more current events throughout the area.

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